Saturday, November 28

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When you're fifteen, you are so naive...

When you're fifteen, all you can think about is your coming "sweet sixteen"...

When you're fifteen, all you care about is if your hair is straight enough, your lips are supple enough, your hot crush is noticing you, your dress gets approved, etc...

When you're fifteen, you have no idea what the real world is like...

...Until now

About Moi

Thursday, November 26

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*updated: 2 Dec 09*

I've finally made my About Me page

I've decided to made it in an elaborated picture list. So this means that it will keep growing as time passes for as long as this blog shall live...

"I" is the face behind this blog.
Chocolates should be everybody's best friend

And watch hot surfer dudes all day long while getting some tan??
C'mon man!

I love dancing =)

I love spring =D

Best moment to get some shut eyes

An the sceneries, don't forget

If my food has these, I'd take them out even if it takes me an hour to do so

My never to be favorite color. Ever. Never


Don't laugh at me please

No not with the shower in my mouth

If I'd to choose between sunsets or sunrise, it'd be sunset just because it's so much more beautiful & I'm not a morning person

My to-die-for favorite dishes

Explain to me!

Wednesday, November 25

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Guy A: Can I ask you a question?

Guy B: Can I ask you a question?

Guy C: Can I ask you a question?

Guy D: Hey, can I ask you a question?

Guy E: I ask you a question, can?


Can you please explain to me WHY do you like to do this everytime you wish to ask a question?

It has always been from a guy no matter what. My girls don't do this. When they want to ask a question, they just get on with it and they ask THE question. Yes the question that they ACTUALLY want to ask!

And I know I'm not the only one who gets this often. I've had girls going on about this. So explain to us girls.

Why can't you guys just ASK the question you really want to ask. Just ask! Why the hell do you need to ask us " Can I ask you a question?"

Is it a guy thing?

I'm not saying it's wrong but it is annoying. Maybe it's a guy thing that us girls just wont't get it.

But the next time a guy asks me this again before he wants to ask me a real question, my answer will most definitely be...


*i know the dumbass picture of Hercules has nothing to do with this but it's just for some dramatic effect. You should know me by now, I can't stand my post without an illustration*

just like cocaine addiction

Saturday, November 21

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Working out can never get better without the presence of music pumping at the background; especially when you're doing effing crunches that cracks you like nobody's business.

And who says you gotta lift weights or rely on cardio ONLY??

Kickboxing or dance moves are the BOM as well people!!!

Imma make this short and sweet because truth of the matter is I'm plain pissed off right now and I just finished punching the air, so what gives...

A couple of dance moves currently addicted to...

Single Ladies by Beyonce:

Everybody by Rudenko (can I mention that the guy in the video is SMOKIN HAWT?)

Give it up to me by Shakira ft Lil Wayne
(video embedding disabled so click the direct link to view:

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

unanswered questions?

Friday, November 20

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 Listening to: 
Homecoming by Hey Monday
Central Park by Mr. Hudson

I have a whole bunch of questions here today. Unanswered questions that may well be unanswered for as long as humans shall live.

Why do we always do things we don't want to be doing? Why is it that when it is SO torturing; SO stupid; SO ridiculous; SO disgusting; SO traumatizing; SO hurtful; SO heart-wrenching; we still find ourselves doing it? Going through the things that are causing all those conflicts; all those torture?

They say we humans have a mind of our own but the problem is we don't use it. Instead we use our hearts and end up being in a place we swear we will not find ourselves in.

And so the question remains.

Why do we let ourselves let others torture us?
Why do we humiliate ourselves just to prove a point that we know was not worth proving in the first place?
Why do we let ourselves fall for people we know we should not fall for?
Why do we let others abuse us when we can't take it anymore?
Why do we not open our hearts and tell the truth when we know deep down something good will come of it?

Why do we not share the same feelings we have but choose to live in denial; not knowing what could have been?

Why do we lie to ourselves when we clearly know the truth?

Why do we torture ourselves just to be approved by peers and family?
Why do we seek darkness when light is shining right in front of us?


Damn do I have a lot of questions tonight. Too bad they will all remain as questions as the days go by...


Xcuse me while I make my big entrance:

Wednesday, November 18

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Okay. Okay.
I know I've been on a really long hiatus this time. The blog has been so dead for more than 2 months.

But tell me this, don't you MISS ME already?

C'mon now! Just say it!

You miss me don't you?


Alright I shall just shut up now b'cause I bet most of you are so sick of this sudden MIA once in a while. I promise I am back again this time and I'm gonna blog about something. Something juicy, perhaps?

Oh c'mon have some faith in me. When I say I will, it means the time will come. Just be patient ok dearies?