I confess that...

Thursday, January 31

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... been a long time I've not confessed here ain't it. Anyway, I've decided 2 do the list of 18 Things I Did When I'm 18...

Preparing the list mentally now. Shall have it up before tomorrow ends =)

I confessed that...

Sunday, January 6

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... I was bullied by an almost 3 year old kid...talk about pathetic!

...I'm guilty of constantly thinking about lasagna & creamy chocolates.

...I'm not ready for 2008. (blah!)

New Yr Resolutions?

Tuesday, January 1

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Time flies so fast ain't it?

Just right now its almost getting 2 the end of the 1st day of the year 2008.

Had a blast last night?

I'm sure I did!

Was at the Curve Laundry counting down to the last minute with KVin & friends. It was awesome.

Hopefully this year is another great or even better year.

Never have I made any new year resolutions before in my life. Why?

Becz I just don't. I know I won't follow it and I know I won't jump start to do achieve it. Besides, why should new year be the time to set goals and what to achieve in life. Goals should be made whenever someone wants to and whenever necessary.

Another probable reason would be becz I procrastinate a lot. A whole lot I can tel ya.

Plus, I love doing things on impulse or randomly. Call it a bad thing but that's just the way I am. Nevertheless, doesn't mean I don' set goals in life. I do, that's for sure.

So, for those who made their 2008 resolutions, may you all achieve them. Of course, don't sit around and wait for something to happen. Take action towards that something to make it happen. =)

Moi? Its a year for me to take charge of myself and my life. Start caring more for the people around me and stop procrastinating. (although it's been years, lolx)

Happy 2008 again!