A Malaysian's ludicrous comment

Saturday, August 21

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Just this week I went to the movies and watched The Expendables. Golly! Boy, was I excited to watch some action-packed and testosterone-filled movie where they big boys are given excuses to play with their big toys ;) Might I add: hunky big boys?

So there I was, sitting in the cinema hall, being rather early this time round since there weren't any trailers on the screen yet. Despite the small hall in Cathay, I'd always love their comfortable red seats.

Anyway a couple of minutes later, trailers started to screen and a bunch of, well let me put it this way, Malaysian guys came and sat right next to the left of me. There was this one trailer on an upcoming, new chinese action movie playing on the screen. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Hong Kong movies nor do I actually like their action movies. They're just not my cup of tea and they're not something I'd look forward to watch either.

Now right after that particular trailer ended, a comment from the immediate left came saying: "Chinese movies are really full of nonsense". Now this comment wasn't in English. Nor were they in Tamil or Chinese because I wouldn't understand a thing they guy said, if that were to be the case. Thus, I've translated the comment to English since all my blog posts are written in English and so the exact impact or spot-on meaning of what he exactly said wasn't fully described.
So immediately after that stereotypic comment, I was rather perplexed. No, I wasn't offended or anything like that, just to be clear!

Yes, I was rather perplexed and it got me thinking...

Reasons you should go vacation in Abu Dhabi

Sunday, August 15

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Sex in the City 2 made me fall in love with Abu Dhabi!

Well, before I got myself to watching the movie today, I've always wanted to go to Abu Dhabi. In fact, after the movie, I immediately fell in love with that place and it will remain as one of the top cities to visit before I die!!!

In the midst of all the love affair, I went on to Google  Abu Dhabi and now I shall tell you a couple of reasons why you should make this city your next vacation paradise. I'll start off by showing you...

shake that misery of a company of yours and put on the awesome shirt

Wednesday, August 4

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Well, lookie at what we have here? A first post from our new contributor :)

Why hello there!! (If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, read the previous post)
He's new people, so be nice and don't bite.

So anyway, I'm rather bittersweet about the fact that Machines is replacing my iTouch with a brand new one because of a hardware problem. It's great that I'm getting a totally brand new one but then again I'm so attached to my original, old one and not forgetting the fact that all my notes inside are now all GONE!!! These notes aren't just notes, okay? There are sentimental values... notes where money can't buy em' all back. Such a bummer.

Oh well, shit happens. Which brings me to the fact that there are friends of mine who are experiencing major/slight bumps in their life right now. In other words, life for them has met with a dead end and so they have no directions to choose from. Besides friends, there are a couple of people I know, not personally, who I shall term as blogger buddies or just random people I know of but may not know me, who are going through similar rough patches. And so this blog post is specially dedicated to you darlings. If you happen to be reading this and you find yourself fitting the bill here, this is for you too.

I know at times or perhaps for some of you, life hits you in the face with dirty old sour lemons and they bite (real hard that is) and it hurts. There are times when you'd go: "enough is enough!!" and then there are times when you see that things just don't seem to get better and all you can do is go: LIFE SUCKS!
Yeah, life does suck at times and if I were to one of those idiots who keep telling you "oh well, life sucks", you'd probably want to smack me on my face right now because I'm sure you already know this so saying it again is not going to help...I know.

So instead, I've got a list of other things that I will tell you that some other idiots probably will not ( I said some, not all).

Some Days...

Sunday, August 1

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Ahh..New look for d blog…me likey! …a fresh n cheery new look compared to the previous dark and sultry look ( don’t get me wrong…the earlier one was nice too…kinda sexay..but I guess people change and this in turn causes their likes to change and I believe evry’thing happens for the better)… , but yeah I love this brand new look!

Hey, first I would like to introduce myself …my name is Kevin and I’m a new contributor to this blog. I didn’t have a clue on what to start writing on this blog until I saw this picture…haha…very interesting right…especially to the Guys ( yeah man…! *bumps fist*)

SOME DAYS - They just start better than others…

Quite nice…aint’ it …but how we wish that everyday would be like that…not exactly what the picture is depicting but rather correspond to the actual meaning to the saying below…, ("but I really wouldn’t mind what the picture exemplify actually”…haha :p …ok ok back 2 d story…"), A wake to a new day with no remorse or worries of negative previous or past events but just feeling, ah…. so easy and light… livin’ the day free to the will and anticipation…how wonderful it would be…it would make so much difference to our daily life…

But that made me thinking...

But I guess life’s not like that …. Every ups and downs that we feel shapes our life…it gives meaning to our living. Imagine a static life full of only happiness ….without hardship and sorrow…this would cause an imbalance to our emotional experience and no cause to our existence... We’d be no different than programmed robots doing the same thing and receiving the same rewards day after day. Hmmm…I guess that wouldn't make life…Life!.

This reminds me of a saying:

“If we could go back in time and change ourselves, we would. But then we wouldn't be ourselves, would we?"

Think about it yeah…

To end it off…I would like to bid u guys to “Ave’ A Good Day…!” :)

<--Kevin out -->