Santa, I Hate You!

Saturday, December 27

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I've always believed in you. Every Christmas I wait and I anticipate. For my wishes to come true. I stay good all year round. I'm a good girl. Especially this year. But every year; every Christmas, you disappointed me. =(

I wrote you letters. All the "Dear Santas" but you never replied them. You never got me what I wanted. I wrote you a long one last year but there was no hope because I think it got to you after Christmas. I lost track of time. 

But this year, I gave myself another chance. I wrote to you another long letter and I know you received it. I know. All those years of writing to you. I know how to estimate. But it's after Christmas already. And I'm disappointed again. All hopes lost. 

How could you do this to me? A child who has so much faith in you. And you crush it all. I was good. I am good. I was never naughty. But why didn't you come visit me with my wishes??
Is it because I had no chimney? I had no cookies? I had no milk? No socks?
Is that it?

Yes now I know you're fake. You're just an excuse for kids to be good all the time. Believing that you will bring them gifts that they wish for. Wasting our ink and papers. Polluting our environment. I don't like you anymore, Santa. 

You never brought me the notebook I wanted. 
Yes the one that uses the hologram tech like Vaio and has a seperate keyboard and as tiny as Mac's.

You never brought me the LG Secret that is the craze this year. That would perfectly fit the black stilettos I have stashed behind my wardrobe or the sexy black leather clutch I just bought. I bought it because I thought I would have the Secret. =(

Or you never blessed me crystal clear skin yet dewy such as hers. I told you I've been a good girl. I never lie. Never cheat. Never cursed. Why are there still pimples on my face occasionally? =(

Or even the cutest puppy in the world? I woke up on 25th Dec hoping to hear the sounds of *woofs* by my bed but how was I disappointed. Is it because I have no Xmas tree???

Or the time last last last year *oh wait I can't remember - I write to you every year till today*
where I asked for a fit and healthy body that will make people drool (not all over me of course). But instead I am still as fat as always. Why?

And that time when I had a crush on Chis Pine. I think it was a few years back. And you never brought him to me. Was it because you couldn't carry him all the way here???
I hate you Santa. Because you never come and visit. You never brought me the gifts I asked for. I don't believe in you anymore =(

P/S: I was bored. You think that I really wrote to Santa every year??? You think that I was really that angelic and good all year round? You think I really hate Santa??? I don't even really believe in the existence of Santa. Never before. Not even when I was a little kid. Ok maybe perhaps when I was really small and gullible. I don't hate Santa. The thought of Santa to me - indifferent. 

Think I really wished for all that???? Pfft. Think again. 
OK maybe deep down yes. C'mon! You never has fetishes like these? Dreams like these? Surely you do! You're human! Even ghosts do. 

Well I hope everyone got what they wanted for Xmas. It's time for NEW YEAR!!!!!!!
Say ADIOS to 2008 and HELLO 2009.

i'm curious if you...

Monday, December 22

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Daymn if I have to figure out wassup with with all this sugary-frosted cravings, I'll be dead by tomorrow. Prolly due to over-stressing my fragile brain that is coated by lotsa sugar.
*i'm not even making sense here myself. nevermind*

Why am I blabbering away???
*hold that thought for a sec*

Xmas is around the corner and normally this festive season gives me such a cheerful feeling. I have no idea why or even how do I explain this undescribable feeling.
So, anyway back to answering that Q - which could explain why the sudden amount of increasing candy canes, jelly beans, chocolates, & marshmallows in my house.

So if you want some to satisfy that sweeth tooth of yours, you know where to come =)


BTW, since ANTM 11 has ended and I've watched the finale (yes I know the winner already and I know some peeps who don't know - no worries; no spoiler here), I started watching BNTM out of random but then I quit after the 4th episode because it was boring!!!!!!!!! Nothing compared to ANTM. Bleurghhh...

Speaking of gorgeous girls and models and famous celebs & the likes of it, I've been wondering if anyone out there actually have this habit of checking out on same-sex icons and commenting over them and/or comparing them (their physical attributes), sorta oogling over them, or feel awkwardly jealous because they have the charms and the looks and the hotness but you don't.

It just struck me out of the blue when I saw a girl commenting over how pretty and gorgeous A popular & hot female model. Or maybe guys do that too???

Is it normal? Or is it sort of a fetish? Or an in-between state of sexual preferences?

Let's see:

We have here Chace Crawford & Milo Ventimiglia.
*girls, not your turn to feast your eyes upon this time*

Would you actually look at these photos and actually take into account whether they are hot (in your POV) or not? That you wish you had abs like that? Or that honey blond hair? Or deep set eyes? Or a rugged jaw?

And what about...

We have here Megan Fox & Adriana Lima. *guys! eyes up the eyes kay*

Would you do the same as the above questions? Complementing their assets and what not. Comparing to yourself? Wishing to be like "her"?
I know, I know, people won't just come out right and admit if they do (if they do). Am not saying it's wrong. Just out of curiosity.

Because if yes, if the guys and girls do what I've said they would do, wouldn't that be one driving explanation as to why people look at beautiful people in the media and then have eating disorders to look as hot and slim?
(ya ya there are other reasons and explanations such as peer pressure and all but let's just keep the focus small & simple).

Or even why some would go to great lengths of cosmetic surgeries to look like...well...let's just say for instance...Jessica Alba or Brad Pitt?

P/s: focusing on the straights and not the in-betweens, those that go both ways or side ways here.

sex life boosted coz i met a doctor

Saturday, December 20

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"Your hearing is actually pretty good. Not 100% perfect but good enough. Roughly about 80%-90%, not to worry. But you have an infection in your nose and there's phlegm. This must be causing your ears the pressure and ringing problem as well as the headaches that come after that. The phlegm has also gone through your throat and sometimes might have gone into your lungs or stomach - causing bloated stomach at times..."

As the Doctor ramble away, thought were running through my mind.

"oh God, i'm so glad my ear is fine!!! PHEW. What a huge relief!!!!"

" However, your throat is pretty badly irritated and infected. It's very red with some bleeding that you may not notice. You have a sensitive throat"
-goes the Doctor again-

why do I always get these health problems. if it's not my head, it's my toes. if it's not my shoulder, it's my neck. If it's not my knee, it'd my eyes. If it's not my ear, it's my throat.

That was my visit to the Specialist the other day. He was a really really good Doc. One of the best I've encountered so far. Friendly and jovial. He gives really good explanation and all.

Here let me show you how he looks like:

Opps... oh not this one. Sorry. Got the wrong photo.

Oh not this one either. Gosh, you would think that the doctor could be so perfect and hot at the same time huh?

Sorry. Was fooling ya. No photo of the Doctor. And he's old enough to be my uncle. Although, he could pretty much be really charming when he was younger. Ya i think so.

So anyway, now I am on medication which I have to consume everyday for a week until I see him again for another check up. Popping pills in my mouth after meals and before going off to bed is not what I want but seriously, from the options that he mentioned - it sounded the best!!!

It's either medication and hope for the best that the infection will subside and continue to not exist and the fluid to vanish or it gets worst/no changed for the better and I have to prolly go for cleaning (don't know how it's done but don't wish to find out) or a minor operation of the nose.

EWWWW!!!! Please no operation. NO OPERATION!

This made me a lil flighty in my seat for a moment when he mentioned.

So, that is why I am such a GOOD GIRL ( oh c'mon I have always been one) and I'm taking my pills regularly like they are assorted candies that every lil kid dream for. Let's just hope it does it's trick and heal whatever is the problem. Too long to explain. That's the gist of it.


The cheack up didn't just end like that.

Here I present you the FORBIDDEN FOOD (courtesy of Stephanie Wong) which I can NEVER consume as happily as I can for as long as I live.

  • Too hot (heat) food or too cold food
  • Too spicy food
  • Oily food of any kind
  • Fried stuff (moderately)
  • No fried Chicken's fried skin!! (OMG I CAN CRY)
  • Oranges, grapes, rambutan & durian (apparently gives lotsa phelgm and fluid) I don't really care about rambutans and durians bcz I don't like em' anyway.
  • Teh Tarik ( ah don't care - I don't take it anyway)

Basically I can't just eat whatever I want happily without thinking whether it will cause me infection or irritation. =( boohoohoooooooohooooo

Oh and my latest new BEST FOOD FRIEND is HONEY
Yes I must consume a small amount of it everyday. Its good for almost anything.

Well, I don't mind that. Besides, research also indicates that honey is rated a 3 star for "PASSION POWER" hahahaha

It actually boosts your sex life. WTF

So if you start feeling like I'm getting way too horny these days - you'll know why LOL