What the hell is wrong with you people!??

Saturday, March 14

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See it was a one fine day when I woke up to meet up with some of my friends for a day out when on the way, Darren told me about this video that shows how Foie Gras was made. 

I've never eaten Foie Gras & I never will eat after watching this video. 

Seriously, this is absolute cruelty and inhumane. How sick are you? Why people who enjoy foie gras pay a sum of money to eat a disease dish is just beyond me. 

It is like you're paying to eat a tumor of a another person. Definitely check out this video and watch it, you'll be sick to your stomach. I'd say foie gras should be banned. I know we're eating animal meats and all but this is beyond it. Purposefully torturing this birds horribly till they suffer to death just for the sake of a stupid dish that you just won't die if you don't eat. 

WARNING: don't watch while you're eating, it can be upsetting to your tummy. 

things to do before i die

Monday, March 9

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I just don't get it!!! When I have the urge to blog, I open the post template & *BOOM* my mind goes blank. I don't know where and what to begin with. I go blank!

I was about to relax or go to sleep or I was in between doing some errands when *BOOM* I got an inspiration to blog. Oh man! Not now! I don't have time to. I'm so lazy to go to Blogger.com (replace this with whichever blogging service you use)...

Is it me? Coz I get this all the time. It is as frequent as my monthly menstrual cycle man! Prolly even more frequent. No biggie but it still touches the tickling beginning of the annoyance scale.

It happened to me again. I had some trouble sleeping at night for a week already & just the other night I had the problem again. So as I was dreaming away while pondering over at the ceiling (I wish i had glass ceilings so I could look at the night sky), *BOOM* I had a couple of thoughts about what I wanted to do in my life. It soon turn out into a list of things I intend to do before I die.

(things that have not been accomplished till today)

~Go ice skating
~Sing on a stage (with or without audiences doesnt matter)
~Ride a big rollercoaster that rates at least 3 on a 1-5 scale (LOL i'm a coward this way)
~Get the tattoo that I've always wanted @ my ankle
~Learn how to cook PROPERLY
~Lie on an open field and gaze at the stars till sunrise
~Visit places in Italy, France, Germany, & Korea
~Soak under the sun of the islands of Greece, Indonesia, Fiji, Italy, Australia, & France
~Go rock climbing
~Master as much of photoshop & illustrator as I can
~Learn proper techniques of various dance styles
~Get married
~Have children
~Build a snowman & create an angel on snow
~Go paragliding
~Swim with the dolphins
~Throw a huge party of my own & have a blast
~Attempt roller blading
~Learn the basics of a foreign language (french or italian)
~Fall deeply, unconditionally & helplessly in love (whoa! so cliche!)
~Stay out all night dancing till I collapsed to a deep sleep
~Organize a fund raiser for a charity cause (breat cancer, HIV or unfortunate children)
~Drive a convertible with the top off and the music blasting away
~Ride on a hot air balloon
~Learn to float & swim (yeah I can't you can stop laughing at me already)
~Go for a real picnic at a beautiful park
~Go on a great, awesome cruise

...the list will just go on as each day pass by


shawty want mo' mo' mo' mo' mo'

Sunday, March 8

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Sometimes or most of the time sometimes, I find myself lounging around at Youtube.com. I watch vblogs there - one or two that I stick to. I watch music videos there. I watch weird commercials that make you go WTF??!?
I watch comedies and short videos / shows. At times I watch dance choreograhies and mind you, there's a lot you can learn. Just give it a try. 

It's pretty interesting how the Youtube has so many varieties. Although at times you stumble upon really lame and stupid beginner as videos that don't make sense at all.

But this is not related whatsoever towards the lameass, stupid videos I just mentioned. 

Just the other day I stumble upon Youtube's number 1 female youtuber - VP (short for Venetian Princess)
I actually enjoyed the videos because they are funny and ... let's just say could possibly be insulting but hey, that's not the purpose of the video. Don't get so sensitive. Just watch leisurely and get entertain. But then again, others might not find these funny. BUT IT IS DEFINITELY TO ME!

Deff watch em!

7 Most Sexy Male Singers

Friday, March 6

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Sexy is such a subjective word. You like it. I like it. Heck, you men don't view Playboy for nothing. You all don't check out the Top X sexiest/Hottest/Most Beautiful... for nothing. Confess... we all love the word sexy.

So this time round, me gonna dwell on about sexy men. Hot and sexy men who can serenade you all night long. (whoops, take this meaning at face value my dear)

Let me spill the beans, I like my sexy men when they can serenade me with their sexy voice. Let's spread those sexiness shall we?

Here are my list of the sexiest male singers in no particular order of course. With so much hotness going on, it's deathly even to take such a long time scrutinizing over who should the number 1 and who should be next.

Enrique Iglesias

This is one sexy singer with a sexy voice and sense of groove. Check out his latest music video of "Taking Back My Love feat Ciara". Sweet sexy. Just reminds me of a hot soldier who can totally sing and groove.

Rob Thomas

Those silverish eyes. SEXY. His new do? SEXY. His music? SEXY. Those piercings of him? SEXY.

Joel Madden

Him being the Good Charlotte band makes him so ultra sexy. Somebody here makes a sexy father. If only he can make his wife add some fat. Should I also add his tattoos rock sexxy =)

Shayne Ward

My Goodness this sexy hunk with his almost bald head...uber sexy. Not to mention his music videos and his oh-so-sexy voice as he hit the high and low notes. This man can serenade you all day and all night.

Adam Levine

The lead singer of Maroon 5. Ok I admit it, the reason I listen to Maroon 5 (apart from their cool songs and Levine's sexy singing is Levine himself. Check him out on "She Will Be Loved" & "This Love"... this sexy number can make you melt.

Chris Daughtry

He might look big and buff. He might be bald & married. He might not have won American Idol (which I think he should have). Coz he has one sexy deep voice. Loving his songs. Loving his music.

Justin Timberlake

Honestly, I used to dislike him. It got even worst when I watch him in a movie (which I can't recall the title). But his solo comeback as an artist has him with a sexy album, sexy groove, sexy singing voice & sexy almost bald shaved head. Me loving his song Love & Sexy Magic right now =)

And there you go. Music by these fellas shoot their sexiness rating sky high for me.

*HIGH 5!*

Don't agree? Then who do you think should have been listed here as one the sexy male singers?

Is that a SHE or HE?

Thursday, March 5

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... but the first glance I had, I find myself feeling confused. It's not important per se but then again, us humans' thirst of curiosity is what makes the world go round (non-scientifically speaking).

So tell me!
Does this look like a GUY or a LADY to you?

Better yet, IS that model a GUY or a LADY?

p/s: nothing against him/her...just wondering...

Hey! I'm calling you, JERK!

Sunday, March 1

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You know they are everywhere. They come in many shapes and sizes. They come in different packages yet they exist.

You know you're a jerk if and when you:

1. Put on a mask and act like someone you're not.
2. Don't give a shi* about anyone other than yourself.
3. Think you're always right and never wrong.
4. Do whatever it takes (even if it hurts others) to get what you want.
5. Only care about the benefits you attain even if you don't deserve it.
6. Pretend that you care about others and make them feel like shi*
7. Break someone's heart (anyone for that matter) when they did nothing wrong to deserve it.
8. Cheat on someone who doesn't deserve it.
9. Hit someone who doesn't deserve it & for not genuine reason.
10. Punish others for what you've done wrong.
11. Let someone else take your blame.
12. Forget about your family, friends & those who love you.
13. You selfishly live your life.
14. Ignore others who care & love you.
15. Act all sweet and innocent & nice to get only 1 thing you don't deserve.
16. Sacrifice others and whatever else but yourself.
17. Destroy someone else's life.
18. People hate you because you ARE one.
19. Lie about almost everything.
20. When in the end, your life is like shi* because you deserve it for being a JERK!