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Thursday, February 26

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What do you get when you come across a girl with very short attention span, inability to stand boredom & a addiction to photoshop?

The answer would be a new blog look yet again.

I should really stop the urge to keep changing all the time. Right! So this time I shall set a line and make sure I'd be able to abide by it.
Not only did I change my layout, I even changed my blog name to a shorter one because the previous name was a tad too long. Been contemplating whether to change or not. It's been a while that everyone has gotten used to the old name. But I decided to change anyway.

I have to say that when it comes to graphics and photos, there are 2 sites that would be on the top of my list for really awesome finds - of course subject to individual or commercial usage depends on the rightful designer. The 2 sites that I've always been loyal to when it comes to searching for graphics, illustrations, photos or simply inspirations are:



by mongolShawn

by miss candy colorz

by plitsche

by Beer Bottle Photo