A Magnolia Sherbet A Day, Drives Us Closer, Each Day!

Sunday, January 30

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This is not a story about a boy and a girl. But this is a story about a sherbet and it's significance to a boy and a girl. This particular sherbet is the latest product of F&N Magnolia, a healthy and fruity excuse for a simple and light ice cream indulgence ;) 

To me, personally, this Magnolia Sherbet is more than just a cup of ice cream. And so my story begins...

Once upon a sunny Magnolia day, I walked out of my home to attend to my garden and out of the blue I chance upon a purple cup on my garden table. There was a note attached beside it. Out of curiosity and surprise, I approached the table and read the note.  

An adorable note that spelled "Hi!" was taped on the table, next to a cup of F&N Magnolia Sherbet in Melon flavor. The small note made me wonder...

... and the cup of sherbet made me smile. Staring at the cute, purple cup which felt cold against my hand, I decided to try the sherbet out. And so there I was, sitting by the glass table. I opened the cap of the sherbet cup and saw a plastic spoon attached inside and immediately my nostrils were blown away with the sweet smell of melon. Without hesitation, I grab a spoonful of the green colored sherbet and ate. 

It was a delightful surprise I must say. The texture of the sherbet was soft and lightly creamy. It tasted exactly as the flavor that was mentioned on the cup. Seriously, it was like a whole melon fruit in a cup that you can easily carry anywhere you go! 

The best part was that the sherbet was satisfying til' the very last drop. Not only was it smooth, it melts in your mouth, taste like real fruit and has great chunks of real fruit pieces inside. I fell in love with the sherbet at once! 

As I reached the very last scoop from the cup, I wonder what should I do with the cup and the note. I was eager to find out who wrote the note and who gave me the Magnolia Sherbet! In fact, I wanted to ask that person where he or she got the delightful ice cream from. 

So I left a note of my own along with the empty cup that spelled "TQ!" and left the patio. 

An hour later, I was still thinking about the delicious sherbet and the note. To be honest, I was craving for more of the sherbet since the day was such a sunny day. After much contemplation, I walked out to the patio again. 

To my surprise, I chance upon another cup of sherbet but with a different flavor this time. I found myself smiling as I approached the table. Beside the cup, was another note. It spelled: "Try this! It's my favorite :-)" 
Now I know that this stranger loves the Orange flavored Magnolia Sherbet. Boy, was I keen on finding out how this one tasted like!
That was just what I did! The moment I opened the cap, I smelled the sweet and tangy smell of fresh oranges and immediately I imagined fresh, round oranges floating in the air :-)

The sherbet was amazing. Just like the Melon flavored one, this orange flavored sherbet tasted exactly like zesty oranges. The sherbet melt in my mouth with every spoonful and tickle my taste buds. I found myself smiling...

...yet wondering again who was it that left this cup of sherbet and the note on my garden table. It took me awhile as I was absorbed into my own puzzlement. As I snapped back, I realized my Orange Sherbet had melted halfway. But I shrugged it off and started slurping the sherbet from the cup itself. It was heavenly wonderful!!!! :-D

Well...well... what do you know? Magnolia's sherbet still is a perfect indulgence whether you eat it by spoon or whether you slurp through the cup! So it really doesn't matter if the sherbet has melted or not. There's no regrets!! 
Satisfied and happy, I left the empty cup again with another note that spelled: "Love it! :-) You've got great taste in ice creams". 

A couple of hours later...

...I walked out to the patio again to water the plants in the garden when I chance upon another cup of sherbet in Lychee flavor plus another new note beside it!! But then my eyes caught a movement that took place further in front and to my shock, I saw something!!!

There he was. The stranger that has been leaving behind all this cups of Magnolia Sherbet and the notes! 
This time, I was glad that I caught him before he managed to climb back over to the next house. So he's my neighbor after all!

I crept behind him as he was struggling to climb over the wall and stretched out my arm. I didn't want him to leave. So I tapped on his shoulder...

...and it gave him a shock! He turned around, surprise to have been caught by me. 

As the Lychee Sherbet rest in my grip and the note in the other hand, I smiled at him and said "Hi!"

Excited, I asked him to stay and join me for a cup of sherbet. My neighbor, he smiled, and took out another cup of sherbet out of his left pocket. It was a different flavor than the ones that I ate and the one that I was holding in my hand. 

So, there on the table, were two cups of Magnolia Sherbet. One in Lychee flavor and the other in Mangosteen flavor. Both packed in a cup that definitely will not fail to tempt you to try the sherbet out! 

As we sat together by the glass table, he had a cup of Mangosteen Sherbet and I enjoyed a cup of Lychee Sherbet. Believe it or not when I say that even on my third cup of Magnolia Sherbet that day, I wanted more and more. It was a great crave :-)

Check out the Mangosteen Sherbet. I love the dual colored swirls in the cup. How can this not be tempting to you? I'm sure that as I've been telling you this story, your mouth has been salivating and you've been eager to try this new sherbet out, haven't you?!

Thus, as we both ate and enjoyed the ice creams. We got to know each other and we were both smiling all the way. Not only because we've finally shared some time to get to know each other better and made friends, we also had the opportunity to enjoy such a delightful pick-me-up on a sunny day by the garden. 

Finally, as we were halfway through our sherbets, he asked me: "Which is your favorite flavor?"
I looked at him in the eye and as I smiled, I said: "Let me try something first".

I took his cup of Mangosteen Sherbet, scooped a spoonful and then I took a spoonful from the Lychee Sherbet. Simultaneously, I put both spoons in my mouth and enjoyed the burst of both flavors. Smiling in glee, I gave him both the cups and urged him to do the same. 

As I saw the delightedness on his face as he put both the spoons in his mouth, I said: "Why choose a particular favorite flavor when I actually love them all four?!"

At the end of the ice cream eating session, we both got to know our names and it is safe to say that from that day onwards, we both still enjoy a cup of Magnolia sherbet a day...sometimes two! Grateful for F&N Magnolia's greatest new creation, Magnolia Sherbet has driven us both closer together, each day :-D

As I come to the end of this story of mine, let me share with you a secret of mine about F&N Magnolia Sherbets. 

This great and delicious sherbet comes in four different flavors: Melon, Lychee, Orange and Mangosteen. 
Til' this very day, I can never choose only one flavor from the collection of sherbets. Magnolia's sherbet taste so lovely individually that they each go so well even when eaten together!
Don't believe me? Try it for yourself! The burst of two flavors simultaneously in your mouth is like being on cloud 9! 
That is why Kevin and I share this special Magnolia moment everytime we have a cup of the sherbets. He'd buy a flavor and I'd buy another flavor. Together, we share both flavors at a time :-)

Psst: If you want to grab your hands on all four, check out for your nearest selected outlets that sells Magnolia Sherbets here.

A Magnolia Sherbet A Day, Drives us Closer, Each Day! 
Specially to all friends, families and special ones out there.



Saturday, January 22

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by LMC

tick tock tick tock…
she waits in anticipation…

tick tock tick tock…
a look of eagerness on her expression…

tick tock tick tock…
she lets her emotions run wild
but amidst all that
adrenaline running a course under
layers of skin that wraps a child

a summer’s breeze sweeps pass her
the corner of her lips curve upwards
as a familiar gaze meets hers
thus she knows the whirlwind of emotions continues
til the next time their eyes signs his presence

c'est la vie

Sunday, January 9

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happy 2011 sexy(s)!!!!!!!!!

time flew and such is life
there's going to be some changes taking place around here...

...and faraway

so for now...
make 2011 your sexiest year ever because we don't know what will happen in 2012 [:-O]

& might i interest you in some life-size bites?