What's your problem, HATERS?

Friday, November 5

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I've been back on my blog-reading and blog-hopping these few days and I'm speechless at the amount of haters issue going around in the blogosphere; AGAIN!

I just don't get it... What's with all the hatred? 

Yeah, yeah, I know that not a single person on this planet can get everyone to like them. Especially when you're famous, well-known, genius or just plain talented, there are bound to be haters out there who find means to criticize you down. I'd say, all these comes partially from jealousy. Or perhaps the fact that they're just not talented enough that they have to use this method to get fame - by publicly criticizing and humiliating celebrity bloggers/youtubers/writers/etc etc...

I mean, yeah, you have your own say and you have your own right and choice to speak your mind but then again the one thing that I still don't get it is why bother visiting the public figure's blog, social network pages and/or watch their videos if you hate them so much?