Trick or Treat

Sunday, October 31

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And yet again, I've been away for too long. I've been to busy with a lot of things at hand and when I'm not, I've been so busy being lazy. I wonder how diligent bloggers do it out there. A post every other day in a week.

I guess that'll never be me. So anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!

My wish is for all of you to have your bones scared out of ya! After all, it's Halloween ain't it? I had a great Halloween night on Friday and this year I went as a cowgirl. Something old, something borrowed, something blue. (LOL! Now that's an old wedding tradition) But yeah, I bought nothing for Halloween this year. Proves that you don't have to spend a fortune just to dress up in a costume.

For those of you girls who treat Halloween as a nice excuse to dress all slutty, I am indeed, very jealous. THAT'S IT! I'm going as a Victoria Secret model next year. I have about a year to "fix" my body up to look good and win that dang "Sexiest Costume Award".

No, seriously, I was just poking fun at the sluts. But hey, by all means, it's a costume so wear and be whatever you want kay...

Before I sign off, let me know what's your costume this year?
How much have you spent for your costume? Or what's the scariest shit you've ever experienced in your life?

I answered the first 2 questions earlier and my answer for the final question is....GETTING TO KNOW YOU!

HAH! Just kidding, I'm not always that mean and cynical *wink*