i think i made a mistake of writing this post

Sunday, September 26

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Normally, I wouldn't blog a post that describes my daily, mundane bore-fest but today I'm gonna make an exception. This weekend isn't turning out to be what I've expected. As compared to weekend away last weekend, this weekend is pretty much screwed up. I should have seen it coming since I had a meltdown on a supposedly TGIF friday night, which was ridiculously retarded to say the least.

Now, I've got a retarded-acting nose that couldn't stop sneezing since yesterday to match up with my already retarded attitude the previous night. A relaxing weekend came to a halt when you have a bitch nagging at the back of your head, telling you that you're not doing this right and you're forgetting about this and that or that you have a bunch of unmotivated workload to attend to. Then, finally you realize that nagging bitch was just a figment of your retarded imagination. 

Did I mention how much I hate being sick? I turn into a whiny bitch and when it comes to explaining my symptoms of "illness" to the people around me, I turn on the "drama queen" mode. It's ridiculous. Again, the retardation, what can I say? Worst part is, my boyfriend is not feeling well and it's been a week already, which worries me but I just don't say it out because I don't want to stress him up further.

I know Mr. Monday comes right after the weekends along with it's monday blues but I can't help but wish monday would arrive so I can get through this weekend already. Perhaps a new week is what I need to not fall into the mental retardation category (yet I'm a Psych major, the irony of it). Speaking of which, that means Tuesday is just nearby, hugging hands with Monday and I don't think I can take the much unwanted stress Tuesday is about to bring me because of my defense meeting with my supervisors.

Who wants to cheer me up? 

she who is the tough cookie that got moist

Thursday, September 23

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Haven't people learn by now that there is the word don't in the phrase 'don't judge a book by it's cover'? Perhaps not? Perhaps people enjoy being noobs?

I know as a person, I put up a tough exterior in public. Anybody and even nobodies tend to think that I'm one tough cookie because I always act like I don't give a damn about what people think or say about me or that I wear the "anger and frustration" pendant more days than "sad and vulnerable" like it's my lucky charm.

But didn't the thought that perhaps I just try to put a strong front, publicly because it is my external, number 1 shield but inside, the things you, him, her or they do, actually eats me up?

Just because a person seem oblivious to her surroundings or just because I don't sulk over at a corner after a bad day or two doesn't mean I don't feel unhappiness or pain. A tough cookie ain't always tough even though it seems to be on the outside...once in a while...moist seeps in and that so-called toughness crumbles down to cookie bits and pieces.

Perhaps I should stop acting tough and start showing vulnerability? Maybe that's easier for those who are cognitively challenged.

Sex Sells

Wednesday, September 8

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Romance used to be on the edge and then it got overrated and got kick off the edge. Right now, in the 21st century, sex climbed over, dominated and overruled the generation, won and is making profit.

That's right! Sex sells...and you and I know it!

credits to Lover'sLoveLife
The media knows it and that's how they garner public interest. Out of millions of stories a day, if a sex scandal present, it'll sit at the top chart of "Top News to Publish".

Sex appeal overruled other advertising appeals in many product or service campaigns. Check out your latest perfume or car ads, you'd get the drift.

What about visual entertainment? Check out popularity ratings of Sex and The City or Mad Men. How about some True Blood?

Now why did I say that romance got kicked off the edge?
Because artists and producers jump on the sex appeal bandwagon to keep up with the trend. Explicit contents are no  longer only on media, books, magazines and visual entertainments, but has now taken over the audio biz too. Gone will be the days when lyrics chant "everlasting love" or "my love for you is forever" and start humping humming the ears of listeners with "sex" or anything related to that. Don't forget songs that are meant to be on love or relationships but has videos displaying otherwise instead just to sell!

Don't believe me?
Listen to these...

LMC's Guide To Sem-Break Holidays!

Saturday, September 4

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How fast did time fly by?

I can't believe my 7 weeks of semester break just came and gone in a blink of an eye-yai-yai (sigh).
I miss the holidays. In fact, I wish I could just make a living out of experiencing holidays :)

What can I say? 
Everybody loves to get paid for doing nothing but enjoying what they like best. 

Here's a couple of photos from some great fun I had during my last few semester breaks:

Port Dickson
Port Dickson
PD & Melaka Town
Felda Hot Springs
Kuala Selangor Firefly Park
Kanching Waterfalls
Cycling Session @ Shah Alam

How was your own semester break holidays? 

Well now, for those of you who are whining about having no money or resources whatsoever to travel the world for holidays, here is LMC's Guide To Holidaying in Malaysia itself! 

Have you had a conversation with a machine?

Friday, September 3

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Well a couple of days back, I woke up to a morning of ZERO internet connection. Apparently my wifi decided to play "peekaboo" with me and so all laptops were not able to detect my house connection except for...small devices such as my handphone and my iTouch.

Boy, were there frustrations!

And so that day I had a couple of conversations with an "operator" from UniFi:

*dialing tone*

Machine: Welcome to UniFi...bla bla bla bla etc etc... For bla bla bla, press 1...
*pressed 1*

Machine: For bla bla bla press 1, for bla bla bla press 2...
*pressed 2*

*dialing tone*
Machine: Your call will be attended shortly.
*annoying on hold background music that is assumed to be entertaining while being forced to wait*

2 minutes later
Machine: Our customer service operators are currently unavailable. Your call is very important to us at UniFi, please hold and your call will be attended shortly.
*same annoying on hold background music*

1 minute later
Machine: Our customer service operators are currently unavailable. Your call is very important to us at UniFi, please hold and your call will be attended shortly.
*same annoying on hold background music*

After 45 minutes of waiting and trying, still nothing. Call ended.

Few minutes later, connection was detected.

It's amazing how effective the machine was as an "operator"! I got my connection back in 45 minutes even without having to say anything. WOW