Sex Sells

Wednesday, September 8

Romance used to be on the edge and then it got overrated and got kick off the edge. Right now, in the 21st century, sex climbed over, dominated and overruled the generation, won and is making profit.

That's right! Sex sells...and you and I know it!

credits to Lover'sLoveLife
The media knows it and that's how they garner public interest. Out of millions of stories a day, if a sex scandal present, it'll sit at the top chart of "Top News to Publish".

Sex appeal overruled other advertising appeals in many product or service campaigns. Check out your latest perfume or car ads, you'd get the drift.

What about visual entertainment? Check out popularity ratings of Sex and The City or Mad Men. How about some True Blood?

Now why did I say that romance got kicked off the edge?
Because artists and producers jump on the sex appeal bandwagon to keep up with the trend. Explicit contents are no  longer only on media, books, magazines and visual entertainments, but has now taken over the audio biz too. Gone will be the days when lyrics chant "everlasting love" or "my love for you is forever" and start humping humming the ears of listeners with "sex" or anything related to that. Don't forget songs that are meant to be on love or relationships but has videos displaying otherwise instead just to sell!

Don't believe me?
Listen to these...

Now, the question is what's next? Where will Ms/Mr. Sex Appeal dominate next?


Your Humble Servant said...

don't like this trend though hmmm... a bit feeling like women-exploitation

Eric Lee said...

Sex sells because it is the most successful strategy of all time? Even we prefer listening to dirty jokes than good decent jokes right? Hell, a joke might not even close to bad if there is a slight hint of sex?

Even girls prefer to look at sexy hunks right? Would you wanna see short, fat n ugly man doing the catwalk with the latest design from Armani? no right?

It's definitely a plastic world we lived in...for songs...usually ppl just listen to a song that is catchy although it meant noting..The song "I'll pray for you" is an example of it

Reikalein said...

I hadn't heard Woohoo....CRINGE. And this is why I denounced pop music as soon as I was old enough to actually listen to the lyrics.

ken said...

yeah.. sex sells =P

Missy E said...

@your humble servant: well, now woman exploitation is another subject altogether!

@eric: that's right. well said man. the easiest explanation to a reason why this works is becoz the public supports it :)

@Reikalein: not only Pop. Some R&B are in it too.

Mimi said...

it's definitely true. sad but definitely true.

<3, Mimi

Babe In Sugarland said...

Sex sells because we are so repressed about it in the U.S. If you go to Europe they are so open about it. No one there obsesses about it like we do. Plus religion has brainwashed us into believing its such a major sin. Once you take away the repression it will no longer be a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Dislaimer: Comment left my Missy E was actually ME accidentally using another of my account for my Fashion Blog. Sorry!

@Mimi: thanks for sharing your thoughts here :)

@Babe in Sugarland: That's quite true. Repression didn't cross my mind when I was writing this post but now I actually see the connection. Though, it's not the main reason why too.

Stereo said...

Completely agree with you here.

It slightly worries me because commercials and songs etc are getting just a little but more outlandish and are really pushing the boundaries these days. I'm nervous to see what will come next.

Anonymous said...

@Stereo: i'm right behind ya!

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