Aliens vs. XY

Sunday, May 24

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I think guys are like the term aliens...

Weird, unknown, different...

What do you think?


desperate with a budget

Friday, May 22

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There are currently hundreds & millions of thoughts going across my mind right now. It has always been so for a couple of days. So many things to do. So many things to keep track off. *sigh*

I hate short semesters. Time runs out faster and work-time-overload comes into place.
Not to mention that I have to get an intern or a job for this coming semester break. I have to. So frustrating. And I hope I'll be able to get a good one.

Not only will I gain a lot of the wanted and needed experience for my future but also one that provides a rather well pay so I can finally buy a new handphone. The old one now sucks balls.
Irritating little red gadget doesn't want to function properly when I need it the most. Speaking of which, what brand or model should I get??

I'm still in the indecisive mode. I can't decide. I need one that is really reliable.

Plus, speaking of extra income, I really need to go shop for more appropriate attires for formal or work. Limited is an issue. If I were to go to work, I can't go around wearing the same old skirt or pants for 3 days in a row. Alternating them is still a NO-NO!

And I need more jeans. Skinnies is what I need. Why does everything have to cost so much???
Nevermind, let's just blame it on economy.

Yes I need a washout or a grey one. And then a white one. And probably a maroon. C'mon girls!!! I need your help. Where can I buy good skinnies & work attire that won't cost a bomb in my pocket???

*note the multiple question marks, I'm desperate*

Don't produce if you don't care

Tuesday, May 19

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I know that we humans are capable of doing anything if we put our minds to it.

Heck, some people can even go around bashing their 2 month old child or use their own biological children as sex slaves. We all know by now that the worst one can ever do to their own children is to murder them a cold, bloody murder or even rape their own child. Like I said, anything is possible with us humans that it really isn't something shocking anymore. (it used to be)

Although all that can seem to be merely inhumane and possibly show how much a lunatic and sick person we all can portray ourselves to the world, it still doesn't show that anything remotely less cruel than all those act mentioned above are minor in comparison.

Like when you freely leave your children to roam around on the streets without protection and supervision or like when you bring your little ones on the motorcycle without a helmet. I just don't understand why some parents can be so ignorant as to let their 2 year old or 5 year old to sit on the motorcycle without any head protection while the parents were having helmets on for themselves.

How sure are you that you're able to securely maintain your child's safety while riding on the motorcycle without a helmet? Are you 100% positive about that? 200%? You're sure you can maneuver the motorcycle safely all the time?
But what about other drivers on the road? How sure are you that they will not hit your motorcycle?
How sure are you that the next incoming car would not suddenly lose control and hit you - causing your child (who has a higher risk of losing his or her life because there was an absence of proper head gear and protection) to have a lower risk of injury from the hit or accident?

If you think that you will be lucky all the time (or even your child), you're wrong because that's not how life function. Anything can happen. Anything is possible.

I may not be a parent but I seriously don't understand how someone who is one could just suffer the ups and downs of 9 months pregnancy and not protect their child?
All those days nurturing your child and you won't spare some money for some proper head gear or protection?
Damn you people who are guilty as charged. How can you let such adorable kids travel on the verge of a possibility in losing their lives.

If you can't afford to love and care for your children, then you should consider stop producing!

Oh what is that??

You can't live without sex but you can live with the death of your little ones? pffffttt...


Confessions of A Bikini-clad Girl by The Pool

Saturday, May 16

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Listening to:
Kiss Me Through The Phone by Soulja Boy

Ahhh... it might have been the current weather lately *i guess* that made my friends and I so keen to go for a dip in the pool. *we're even thinking of going again*

But for what it's worth, let me come clean. I don't swim. Zilch. I don't know how to swim. I've never learn before. I just enjoy dipping in the pool since the weather is so so so so HOT everyday. Even when it's raining. OMG! Some days it's super duper hot I think the world is going to melt into some blue/green cheese that's splattered somewhere in the universe and we'll all be the melting little seasonings and essential ingredients to make it a very cheesie meal. HAHA.

*me and my imaginations!*

Ok enough about the heat and the world being a cheese. Too much indulgence over my over-active imagination can be detrimental to your health. =P

*hahahha... Steph took this shot off me being dissatisfied with the pancakes i had for my breakfast on that day*

*some random shots... I just love to do so... maybe one day I'll take up photography =P*
see I'm so random & indecisive that way, I always come up with things our of the blue that I think I would love to do...

ahhh it was blazing hot but the pool water's always cold...
see those coconut trees. Made me crave for some coconut drink on such a hot weather. I miss the good ol times where I always had coconut to quench my thirst when I was younger because my grandma's place had coconut trees.

me relaxing away from the sun while I took random shots of the girls and other things as well.
* no that's not my legs...*

*hahaha this one shot is so obvious that I was pretending. really failed*

And then right after all that swimming and dipping, we sweat our butts out in the sauna. It was the best. After the sauna, you can really feel so refreshed. But then the heat was unbearable, plus the heat from the weather.

Finally, lunch.

Now I want to go again. it'll be so nice to.

It's times like these that you just think of all the random things you want to do. Like for me, I have sudden urges to go for picnics ( I know where!!! DPC!!! But wait till the weather is not so terrible), dipping in the waterfalls (the best lar!!! the water is super duper cold) or like going for walks just for the nothing before the sun sets. It's little things like these that don't cost much but can be really wonderfull.

First! *MY FOOT*

Thursday, May 7

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I'm annoyed.
There's a perfect explanation as to why I'm annoyed but I don't know why it got me this annoyed that I just had to blog about it!!

Why am I this annoyed??
Because I just can't get into my head why people (not many but still a rather huge chunk of the world'd population who knows how to connect on to the internet) would leave such a comment:

What is the rationale behind this?!?

Do you win the first prize for this?? What kind of a comment is this?
I think we all pretty much know for sure that you're the first because well, duh!, your comment is the first to appear for that particular post if you would have actually said something meaningful/wise/witty/funny/interesting/intelligent/or even remotely related to the topic of the post.

Oh no it doesn't.

You wanna know what's even more annoying and worst than that comment above?

it's this:


Yeah and that's it. One word with a distinctive "!" and that's all there is.
What is it that I hear you say to defend yourself??

Oh did the blogger actually asked you whether the first picture was better than the second? Or that the first (insert whatever it is) is better than the second?
Wait I don't remember reading anything of such in the post but let me just check first cause I might be wrong (you never know when your head can actually play games with you)

*scrolls up and scan*
NOPE! Nothing of that sort just as I've remembered it to be. So what the heck was that for? Is there a competition going on where the first to comment on something with the words like "first!" or "i'm first" or "yay! first!" is the grand prize winner of some sort??

Gee.. how come I didn't know about this. And to top it off I see this a couple of times already at different blogs or sites; be it a post or a video (it doesn't really matter). Like who cares if you're the first. Who cares??? Nobody but the person who commented the word.

Take my advice - you'll do wonders. If you wanna leave a comment, say something. Something worth saying. Even if you're a regular friend blogger and you wanted to drop by for a day's read and say hello... you can just comment with a greeting at least and say something


Ya anything of that sort. Or share a thought or compliment about the issue. The list goes on. Boy I tell you, some people are just so...


Wait did I just say the four letter word??
Yeah I did *smug face*

Damn I have no idea why I'm getting so worked up on this little issue. Boy am I annoyed! Time to go annoy other people by dropping by random blogs with the latest commentless post and add a comment with the word : FIRST!

psst: no i'm just kidding, i'm not that lame.

"no guys want me coz I'm too fat & short"

Tuesday, May 5

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Listening to:
The Show by Lenka
What Sarah Said by Death Cab for Cutie

AND THAT is EXACTLY what a girl who is the daughter of my parents' neighbors' neighbor's neighbor's daughter said to her Mum.

I'm sure a miniscule dialogue would have took place between both the Mum and The Girl, but I was pretty stunned or perhaps speechless to have heard that.
Well if you have to know how i knew about it, the father of the girl came to have a little chit-chat with my parents the other day and she spilled the beans. (See, this goes to show you should never trust your parents and tell them something like this if you wouldn't want it spreading out)

No no I'm not mentioning names at all. She shall remain anonymous. Though I have to say it is pretty pathetic to think in such a way. (I've seen her and she is not that short nor is she even remotely fat - maybe slightly more than healthy and a little plump but she has a pretty normal height)

Guess it's all the peer pressure, media pressure and even her lack of self-esteem. To me I think that it is really pathetic to say such a thing about yourself. Fat or freaking skinny thin, everyone should learn to love and appreciate what you are. Love your body. Be confident in it. If you don't and you can't, well make a change. Be healthy then and stay fit. Control what you eat but still eat healthily. Doesn't matter if you're fat or thin - this goes for both.

Plus, who says there's such thing about having no boys wanting you if you're fat and short. There are plenty of fat, thin, short & tall girls out there. And every guy digs different things. Some guys like short girl, some like tall.
If you're one of those that's really insecure about being fat and short - well news flash for you babe, it ain't that nice being awwfully skinny and tall. I know this because I'm tall and I used to be really skinny and being too skinny wasn't that great either. So everything has it's ups and downs. So love yourself and your body because you ain't gonna feel fully satisfied no matter what. Plus, you'll end up all old and wrinkly and frail and dead when the time comes because that's the nature of life no matter how you look like now.

coz there's more to you then just how you look =D