desperate with a budget

Friday, May 22

There are currently hundreds & millions of thoughts going across my mind right now. It has always been so for a couple of days. So many things to do. So many things to keep track off. *sigh*

I hate short semesters. Time runs out faster and work-time-overload comes into place.
Not to mention that I have to get an intern or a job for this coming semester break. I have to. So frustrating. And I hope I'll be able to get a good one.

Not only will I gain a lot of the wanted and needed experience for my future but also one that provides a rather well pay so I can finally buy a new handphone. The old one now sucks balls.
Irritating little red gadget doesn't want to function properly when I need it the most. Speaking of which, what brand or model should I get??

I'm still in the indecisive mode. I can't decide. I need one that is really reliable.

Plus, speaking of extra income, I really need to go shop for more appropriate attires for formal or work. Limited is an issue. If I were to go to work, I can't go around wearing the same old skirt or pants for 3 days in a row. Alternating them is still a NO-NO!

And I need more jeans. Skinnies is what I need. Why does everything have to cost so much???
Nevermind, let's just blame it on economy.

Yes I need a washout or a grey one. And then a white one. And probably a maroon. C'mon girls!!! I need your help. Where can I buy good skinnies & work attire that won't cost a bomb in my pocket???

*note the multiple question marks, I'm desperate*


Siu Mei said...

try forever 21 for skinnies. the have like loads in various colors :). i just got my acid wash black skinnies from there a couple of days ago :)
pries from like 70 to 100 over

Miss Confession said...

(Siu Mei) heeeeeeeeeeeee I finally got a grey piece today in Nichii @ Pavillion =D

mello said...

I think you should get a Samsung. It's durable and very user-friendly (:

Miss Confession said...


hmmm I should give that a thought. I've never tried Samsung before.. maybe it's time to

Jeffrey said...

Get an iPhone !! Haha. But, if you're on a budget, maybe Nokia.

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