Don't produce if you don't care

Tuesday, May 19

I know that we humans are capable of doing anything if we put our minds to it.

Heck, some people can even go around bashing their 2 month old child or use their own biological children as sex slaves. We all know by now that the worst one can ever do to their own children is to murder them a cold, bloody murder or even rape their own child. Like I said, anything is possible with us humans that it really isn't something shocking anymore. (it used to be)

Although all that can seem to be merely inhumane and possibly show how much a lunatic and sick person we all can portray ourselves to the world, it still doesn't show that anything remotely less cruel than all those act mentioned above are minor in comparison.

Like when you freely leave your children to roam around on the streets without protection and supervision or like when you bring your little ones on the motorcycle without a helmet. I just don't understand why some parents can be so ignorant as to let their 2 year old or 5 year old to sit on the motorcycle without any head protection while the parents were having helmets on for themselves.

How sure are you that you're able to securely maintain your child's safety while riding on the motorcycle without a helmet? Are you 100% positive about that? 200%? You're sure you can maneuver the motorcycle safely all the time?
But what about other drivers on the road? How sure are you that they will not hit your motorcycle?
How sure are you that the next incoming car would not suddenly lose control and hit you - causing your child (who has a higher risk of losing his or her life because there was an absence of proper head gear and protection) to have a lower risk of injury from the hit or accident?

If you think that you will be lucky all the time (or even your child), you're wrong because that's not how life function. Anything can happen. Anything is possible.

I may not be a parent but I seriously don't understand how someone who is one could just suffer the ups and downs of 9 months pregnancy and not protect their child?
All those days nurturing your child and you won't spare some money for some proper head gear or protection?
Damn you people who are guilty as charged. How can you let such adorable kids travel on the verge of a possibility in losing their lives.

If you can't afford to love and care for your children, then you should consider stop producing!

Oh what is that??

You can't live without sex but you can live with the death of your little ones? pffffttt...



ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Tsk tsk...I hate hearing about kids being abused or not taken care of. It just really breaks my heart. Last week I went to the zoo. and there was this huge fat snack who was already coiled up. Then one of the stupid mommies puts her little 1 year old in the center of the coiled snack and screams at the child to stop crying and just smile! Ugh! That really pissed me off....

the girl in stiletto said...

it sucks to see how bad parents can be. i suppose these people are those who enjoy sex but forgot to use protection and give out to the child like as if it was his/her fault. sad isn't it.

Missy E said...

my goodness. how can a mother force her child to such emotional torture...
bad child-rearing wouls just lead to more psychological probs in the future life of the child. sigh

(the girl in stiletto)
yeap it's sad. that's also one of the reasons why so many babies are left around or abondoned to die as they are still helpless when left alone.

Darren Fong said...

ZOMG! The boy's damn cute! *pinches cheeks*

the girl in stiletto said...

i've an award for you, pretty!

Miss Confession said...

I know right? Haha.. awww you cheek pincher =P

(the girl in stiletto)
ohhh... thanks =D I'll check it out

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