*updated: 2 Dec 09*

I've finally made my About Me page

I've decided to make it in an elaborated picture list. So this means that it will keep growing as time passes for as long as this blog shall live...

"I" is the face behind this blog.
Chocolates should be everybody's best friend

And watch hot surfer dudes all day long while getting some tan??
C'mon man!

I love dancing =)

I love spring =D

Best moment to get some shut eyes

An the sceneries, don't forget

If my food has these, I'd take them out even if it takes me an hour to do so

My never to be favorite color. Ever. Never


Don't laugh at me please

No not with the shower in my mouth

If I'd to choose between sunsets or sunrise, it'd be sunset just because it's so much more beautiful & I'm not a morning person

My to-die-for favorite dishes