wave your flag, but don't shove it in my face every nanosecond you've got

Wednesday, June 30

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what i'm going to say right after this will probably make you go: owh c'mon, we all know that!
so here it goes - so we all know it's the world cup season right now (WC).
it is everything that all the football fanatics will think, dream, eat, walk, sleep, breathe about.
it's everywhere that it's like a "must" to somehow or in someway be involved in it/get associated with it. (which is the purpose of this post, which you will come to realize any moment from now)

don't try to deny that it's not a fever spreading all over the world - bringing people together (or at some point breaking people apart because i know some people can really take it seriously when it comes to dotdotdot VS. dashdashdash) & creating an epidemic that will only die down once the virus (WC) is over.
(on second thought i think a little hangover will start to kick-in first before it actually dies down completely)

words like spain, germany, brazil, argentina, portugal, england, "GOAL!!!" and more "goaaaaaaaall!!" replace usual, everyday vocabs. songs like shakira's addictive & sexy "waka waka" will drown many ears and take over many planets called ipods. even social networking sites like facebook and social platforms like twitter gets flooded with updates on daily games and scores as they slowly take up the duty of daily newscasters and sports sections in the paper. the "best" part is, even people who are generally not a fan of football prior to this WC fever, starts "watching" and get all "hyped up" by posting updates of each game within nanoseconds. thank you for shedding light to the world that you're a person worth noticing just because you publicize non-stop about your act of being in the now-crowd.

heck, even true footie fans don't update as much as you bunch of so-called "fans" do. i just don't get it!!?!?!?!! what are you trying to prove? because as far as logic goes, true footie fans already know the scores and what's going on in the games so they don't need immediate updates while non-footie fans don't give two hoots about them. then there's the non-footie fans that are hyped-to-join-in-the-footie-fun-just-for-the-fun-of-it who watch, enjoy but don't go spamming every single social platform they've sign up for - they're fine. i ain't talking about them.

so yeah, why again? what are you trying to achieve...yes you... if you find yourself guilty of the charges laid out above. do you derive pleasure from all that spamming? do you get the attention needed, the ones that you're looking for from selective individuals? are you trying to impress someone?
i ain't stating that what you're doing is wrong...i'm just curious...just like how you're just "spamming for the fun of it" :)

depth is not by length

Friday, June 25

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I've always believed that it is not about how long you know a person; instead it is about how much you know about a person. That is what that serves as a mean to gauge how intimate you are with a person in your life. Heck, you may know someone for years (eg: since elementary school) but the amount of intimate information that you both share during that length of your relationship expresses the depth of your relationship. Or you may know your parents since the day you were born but if the relationship you share with your parents is a *glance-at-your-face-everyday-because-i-live-under-the-same-roof*, then it is not going to point that you have a close tie with them.

That is why I always believe that it is much more significant when it comes to how much you know about a person rather than the length of your acquaintance. But then again, that's just one of my many own thoughts, which you may or may not share with.

a tornado attack of thoughts

Sunday, June 13

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Gosh, I expected workload to be a real pain the ass this semester (well, it's a really painstakingly short one, if you must know). But I didn't expect it to be THIS PAIN. Now my butt figuratively hurts! :'(
Anyhoo, I was merely illustrating the reason behind my absence at this blog of mine. So called diligence, huh?

I've been meaning to really really put myself in front of Blogger and continue the story of "let magic work it's way" & "raw childhood fears" but there's always a B.U.T!! I bet many of you have already given up... but you know what? Even so, I still would really love to end those two bits, regardless.


Because I don't want my list of "Things I've Completed Halfway" to grow even longer than it already is :(
I keep telling myself that but then nothing seems to give me that extra push to go that extra mile. Not until today when I arrived home to a huge chunk of metal scrap on right outside my neighbor's house; just opposite mine. Trees around the neighborhood has broken branches. And my house welcomed me with a dark smile because the power went off and the only thing giving out light amid corners of this place I call home were the lighted candles.

What a news I got upon entering mi casa. Apparently a "tornado attack" occurred just a few minutes before I arrived back and the awning from a house a couple of rows back (it was pretty far away) came flying all the way and landed right in front of the house opposite mine.

The next thing I know, what my Mum said send shivers down my spine...
I was lucky that I arrived home a couple of minutes later and not sooner. Because if I were to be at the spot where the boyfriend dropped me off just now, that awning could have flew over to the car and anything could have taken place. Now, that was some scary shit!!!

I guess a stroll by the park; admiring and envying adorable puppies of rich Malaysian citizens wasn't such a bad idea?

Hence, I wouldn't say that I had a moment of disbelief which came on to a sudden determination...but I've decided that from today on, I want to push harder to go that extra mile longer to finish what I've started (be it anything) and to see things "glass half full".

BTW, is it weird and such a loon to actually have that minuscule desire to see how a tornado looks like in real life? Gosh, what is wrong with me? I really don't want this curiosity of mine to get the better of me...