depth is not by length

Friday, June 25

I've always believed that it is not about how long you know a person; instead it is about how much you know about a person. That is what that serves as a mean to gauge how intimate you are with a person in your life. Heck, you may know someone for years (eg: since elementary school) but the amount of intimate information that you both share during that length of your relationship expresses the depth of your relationship. Or you may know your parents since the day you were born but if the relationship you share with your parents is a *glance-at-your-face-everyday-because-i-live-under-the-same-roof*, then it is not going to point that you have a close tie with them.

That is why I always believe that it is much more significant when it comes to how much you know about a person rather than the length of your acquaintance. But then again, that's just one of my many own thoughts, which you may or may not share with.


Mad Maureen said...

yea.. i agree with your thought.. thanks for sharing it.. =)

only the lucky ones can have both long and deep friendship at the same time... too bad i ain't one. :(

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