Confessions of A Bikini-clad Girl by The Pool

Saturday, May 16

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Kiss Me Through The Phone by Soulja Boy

Ahhh... it might have been the current weather lately *i guess* that made my friends and I so keen to go for a dip in the pool. *we're even thinking of going again*

But for what it's worth, let me come clean. I don't swim. Zilch. I don't know how to swim. I've never learn before. I just enjoy dipping in the pool since the weather is so so so so HOT everyday. Even when it's raining. OMG! Some days it's super duper hot I think the world is going to melt into some blue/green cheese that's splattered somewhere in the universe and we'll all be the melting little seasonings and essential ingredients to make it a very cheesie meal. HAHA.

*me and my imaginations!*

Ok enough about the heat and the world being a cheese. Too much indulgence over my over-active imagination can be detrimental to your health. =P

*hahahha... Steph took this shot off me being dissatisfied with the pancakes i had for my breakfast on that day*

*some random shots... I just love to do so... maybe one day I'll take up photography =P*
see I'm so random & indecisive that way, I always come up with things our of the blue that I think I would love to do...

ahhh it was blazing hot but the pool water's always cold...
see those coconut trees. Made me crave for some coconut drink on such a hot weather. I miss the good ol times where I always had coconut to quench my thirst when I was younger because my grandma's place had coconut trees.

me relaxing away from the sun while I took random shots of the girls and other things as well.
* no that's not my legs...*

*hahaha this one shot is so obvious that I was pretending. really failed*

And then right after all that swimming and dipping, we sweat our butts out in the sauna. It was the best. After the sauna, you can really feel so refreshed. But then the heat was unbearable, plus the heat from the weather.

Finally, lunch.

Now I want to go again. it'll be so nice to.

It's times like these that you just think of all the random things you want to do. Like for me, I have sudden urges to go for picnics ( I know where!!! DPC!!! But wait till the weather is not so terrible), dipping in the waterfalls (the best lar!!! the water is super duper cold) or like going for walks just for the nothing before the sun sets. It's little things like these that don't cost much but can be really wonderfull.


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