"no guys want me coz I'm too fat & short"

Tuesday, May 5

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AND THAT is EXACTLY what a girl who is the daughter of my parents' neighbors' neighbor's neighbor's daughter said to her Mum.

I'm sure a miniscule dialogue would have took place between both the Mum and The Girl, but I was pretty stunned or perhaps speechless to have heard that.
Well if you have to know how i knew about it, the father of the girl came to have a little chit-chat with my parents the other day and she spilled the beans. (See, this goes to show you should never trust your parents and tell them something like this if you wouldn't want it spreading out)

No no I'm not mentioning names at all. She shall remain anonymous. Though I have to say it is pretty pathetic to think in such a way. (I've seen her and she is not that short nor is she even remotely fat - maybe slightly more than healthy and a little plump but she has a pretty normal height)

Guess it's all the peer pressure, media pressure and even her lack of self-esteem. To me I think that it is really pathetic to say such a thing about yourself. Fat or freaking skinny thin, everyone should learn to love and appreciate what you are. Love your body. Be confident in it. If you don't and you can't, well make a change. Be healthy then and stay fit. Control what you eat but still eat healthily. Doesn't matter if you're fat or thin - this goes for both.

Plus, who says there's such thing about having no boys wanting you if you're fat and short. There are plenty of fat, thin, short & tall girls out there. And every guy digs different things. Some guys like short girl, some like tall.
If you're one of those that's really insecure about being fat and short - well news flash for you babe, it ain't that nice being awwfully skinny and tall. I know this because I'm tall and I used to be really skinny and being too skinny wasn't that great either. So everything has it's ups and downs. So love yourself and your body because you ain't gonna feel fully satisfied no matter what. Plus, you'll end up all old and wrinkly and frail and dead when the time comes because that's the nature of life no matter how you look like now.

coz there's more to you then just how you look =D


Mad Maureen said...

This is inspiring.. And yeah, the part about not telling your parents something funny is true.. Lol.. Cause they like to share our problems with others. ;) Yeah, I agree when you said about people who's short and fat should not think that no boys want them. Maybe it's the insecurity they faced which build a barrier for them to open up themselves to the opposite sex, that's why they still remain single (like me, for example..)Hmm, during my high school years, people who's petite and short, and a little fat, are the ones who's dating the guys first. It's the charm and confidence that attract the guys, really, not the looks alone. Looks are just the bonus. If looks is the number one priority, then the guys should date mannequins instead..

Siu Mei said...

haha so true besides, would you want a guy who'd want you cause you're thin and tall

Shu Fen said...

Hey, well said. But i think it is easier said than done.

You said it was pretty pathetic that she said such a thing about herself, and i agree. However, I think most of us have such moments occasionally - we are not infallible or emotionless. And it might just be one of her low moments :) I know I've had such moments too ^^ I'm quite tall (1.68m) and i like it, but there were occasions I wished i was shorter/more petite cus guys seemed to like petite girls.


Vicissitudes of Life

Leonard said...


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Miss Confession said...

(Maureen) agreed =) true once in a while we might feel down with our appearance bcz its normal to do so but we should never let it last overtime and let the insecurity overwhelm us. We should take control of ourselves not the other way round =) oh nice line at the end ;-)

(Siu Mei)
hahah no way!!! that would be just so shallow...

(Shu Fen)
True it's easier said than done but it's all about making it possible because it's not possible to feel comfortable in your own body. It takes time and learning. I also agree with u on the certain low moments and we do have times that we're insecure, yes i agree with that but what I'm meaning is we should not keep on thinking about it and let it get to us entirely. But it's great ur sharing this with me because I do realize i miss out that point abt it's normal being low at times =)

Hey thanks =)
I'll get in touch with you if I can go & I'll find some blogger friends too =D

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hmmm...well little neighbor of yours needs to stop with the self pity and start working on getting the body she'd love. Crying and being bitter won't get her anywhere but if she used it constructively and maybe took out her frustration on her body image on let's say the treadmill that might actually be better rather than crying to her parents about no one wanting her because she is fat. There are lot more serious things to worry about. If she's too lazy to work out well she should just stop with the self pity and try to point out aspects that she loves about herself. =)

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