LMC's Guide To Sem-Break Holidays!

Saturday, September 4

How fast did time fly by?

I can't believe my 7 weeks of semester break just came and gone in a blink of an eye-yai-yai (sigh).
I miss the holidays. In fact, I wish I could just make a living out of experiencing holidays :)

What can I say? 
Everybody loves to get paid for doing nothing but enjoying what they like best. 

Here's a couple of photos from some great fun I had during my last few semester breaks:

Port Dickson
Port Dickson
PD & Melaka Town
Felda Hot Springs
Kuala Selangor Firefly Park
Kanching Waterfalls
Cycling Session @ Shah Alam

How was your own semester break holidays? 

Well now, for those of you who are whining about having no money or resources whatsoever to travel the world for holidays, here is LMC's Guide To Holidaying in Malaysia itself! 

If you wish to go for a weekend or 2-3 days getaway from the city:
1) Local beaches here ain't so bad at all. You just gotta take your pick. Here's LMC's pick:
    • Redang - one of the best beaches in Malaysia & also the most expensive. But if you've the money to splurge, then this is a great paradise. 
    • Tioman - another really awesome local island that offers a bunch of great beaches. I'd say this is the next best thing :) [Both Tioman & Redang  provides the option for you to travel by Berjaya Air]
    • Perhentian - Off the coast of Terengganu
    • Langkawi - the main of other smaller islands that are a must-go; must-see; must experience
    • Pangkor - Off the coast of Perak
    • Sipadan - in Sabah; one of the best diving island in Malaysia
    • Kapas - Popular for it's budget accommodations & snorkeling
    • Layang-layang - a diver's paradise!
    • Port Dickson - a small, budget island. Great with lots of seafood 
    • Cherating - A laid-back budget island near Kuantan
    2) Head to great states in other areas of Malaysia. LMC recommends:
    • Penang - awesome for food and nightlife too. Plus awesome heritage to soak in! Khoo Kongsi & Georgetown areas [Hotels]
    • Melaka - another place for awesome food. Check out heritages & Portugese/ Baba Nyonya food & heritage. Must visit Heeren and Jonker streets. [Hotels]
    • Sabah - awesome wildlife, rainforest and nature. Maybe try climbing Mount Kinabalu for you adventure-seekers. [Hotels]
    • Sarawak - Soak in the cultures of Sarawak with Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong & Miri's Gunung Mulu National Park. [Hotels]

    Now if you wish to save up money and wish to choose for one day trips/activities to do, here are some ideas:
    1) Picnics and outdoor adventure at waterfalls. Check out this site for the list of waterfalls available in Malaysia. But here's a few pointers when you're there:
    • Check out reviews any waterfalls you wish to go to and find out how is the place, what are there and so on. 
    • Bring extra clothes and wear easy to walk shoes which gives you ease and grip. 
    • Have breakfast before you go because some waterfalls have huge groups of wild monkeys and bringing excessive food may be dangerous. 
    • If you do want to bring light food, make sure foods don't have strong odor or aroma. Do not put food in plastic bags, paper bags or baskets. This attract monkeys. Carry backpacks and put food in lunch-boxes in the bag. 
    • Bring mosquito repellent. 
    • Prepare to hike a little or walk through jungle trails. 
    • Don't go during raining seasons. 
    2) Have fun at hot springs: 
    3) Go cycling or jogging and check out nature at Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam or Taiping's Lake Garden (Perak) or Seremban's Lake Garden or KL's The Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Perdana)

    4) See fireflies at Kuala Selangor / Kampung Kuantan


      Anonymous said...

      wow. you definitely made good use of your break, haha. i didn't go anywhere much this holidays, sadly. too low on cash to even travel locally, haha!

      oh, the place is in subang actually. the subang lake. :)

      Anonymous said...

      @sarahtay: yeah i did and it was fun :) but right now, after my break, i'm really short on cash lol!

      ohh thanks. I think I know which one it is babe ;)

      Sandy said...

      Wow!! You certainly did and saw a lot of your break! I'm super jealous. My summer "break" was mostly filled with sticking around the area and lounging. LOVE at the photos! Especially the great beach shots. Having never been on your side of the globe, I find your pictures both interesting and exciting!

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