i think i made a mistake of writing this post

Sunday, September 26

Normally, I wouldn't blog a post that describes my daily, mundane bore-fest but today I'm gonna make an exception. This weekend isn't turning out to be what I've expected. As compared to weekend away last weekend, this weekend is pretty much screwed up. I should have seen it coming since I had a meltdown on a supposedly TGIF friday night, which was ridiculously retarded to say the least.

Now, I've got a retarded-acting nose that couldn't stop sneezing since yesterday to match up with my already retarded attitude the previous night. A relaxing weekend came to a halt when you have a bitch nagging at the back of your head, telling you that you're not doing this right and you're forgetting about this and that or that you have a bunch of unmotivated workload to attend to. Then, finally you realize that nagging bitch was just a figment of your retarded imagination. 

Did I mention how much I hate being sick? I turn into a whiny bitch and when it comes to explaining my symptoms of "illness" to the people around me, I turn on the "drama queen" mode. It's ridiculous. Again, the retardation, what can I say? Worst part is, my boyfriend is not feeling well and it's been a week already, which worries me but I just don't say it out because I don't want to stress him up further.

I know Mr. Monday comes right after the weekends along with it's monday blues but I can't help but wish monday would arrive so I can get through this weekend already. Perhaps a new week is what I need to not fall into the mental retardation category (yet I'm a Psych major, the irony of it). Speaking of which, that means Tuesday is just nearby, hugging hands with Monday and I don't think I can take the much unwanted stress Tuesday is about to bring me because of my defense meeting with my supervisors.

Who wants to cheer me up? 


Suzanne said...

Ah, I know how you feel. It sucks. The only difference is that I'd feel dead all day AND whine. Doesn't make sense, I know. lol.

Mad Maureen said...

get well soon girl... :) God bless!

Stereo said...

Feel better, Erisha!

Kym said...

so monday has come and gone, do you feel better? :D what can i do to cheer you up?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for the nice messages :) I'm much better now and so is HE but he's on a restricted diet for a month. Poor fella :(

(Kym) yes i'm feeling better as this week is coming to an end. Hoping next week will be much better when I hear good news *fingers cross*
Btw, the thought that you want to help cheer me up is enough as it is!

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