What's your problem, HATERS?

Friday, November 5

I've been back on my blog-reading and blog-hopping these few days and I'm speechless at the amount of haters issue going around in the blogosphere; AGAIN!

I just don't get it... What's with all the hatred? 

Yeah, yeah, I know that not a single person on this planet can get everyone to like them. Especially when you're famous, well-known, genius or just plain talented, there are bound to be haters out there who find means to criticize you down. I'd say, all these comes partially from jealousy. Or perhaps the fact that they're just not talented enough that they have to use this method to get fame - by publicly criticizing and humiliating celebrity bloggers/youtubers/writers/etc etc...

I mean, yeah, you have your own say and you have your own right and choice to speak your mind but then again the one thing that I still don't get it is why bother visiting the public figure's blog, social network pages and/or watch their videos if you hate them so much? 

If you really can't stand them or if you really, really hate them, stop going back to their space. Stop watching their videos or stop reading their blogs. But, NO! You'll dedicate your time (seriously, I wonder if it's the fact that you're so lifeless, you just have to do all these at home?) to check out what's the latest blog post, pictures or videos of these bloggers/youtubers that you hate so much and then build/visit a forum or website dedicated to throw hurtful and vindictive comments and insults for God knows whatever satisfaction you derive!!!

Honestly speaking, if I hate a blogger, a blog, a video, etc... I would just click the "X" symbol on the top right of my browser and never look back. Yeah, I might have a nasty opinion in my mind once or twice, but that's just human nature, our perception and our own freedom or thoughts. But I don't go to great lengths to have a forum or website dedicated to publicly despise that person. What do I get in return?
I have a life to live, mind you.

source: joemanna
FYI, going to great lengths to criticize these online, public figures is not a competition that you have to win to show that you're someone, because frankly, most of you HATERS are cowards because most of you are anonymous. So how do you get famous from there, I have no idea?

Frankly, it doesn't show how smart you are either because what it shows is that you're lifeless, lame, obsessive and pretty much stupid. No, I'm not kidding. Can some of you read what you wrote in the attempts to criticize these people? Trust me, your hate comments can really be stupid at times just because, in actual fact, you don't have anything to criticize on. 

Pffttt... I think it's got to do with the money, doesn't it?
I have no idea that there are "people" in this world who have no proper values in their life that they have to resort to HATERS club/forum/website to get hits and make money. WOW! The amount of genius you bunch  of haters have, I practically salute *sarcasm mode*

source: google images

P/S: If you haters don't already know, you guys are part of the reason why the people you all hate, are still getting hits everyday, if not increasing in fame due to your silly, lifeless behaviors. Perhaps with all that free time you guys have, I suggest that you all do something valuable or useful - like attending a "How to find your wisdom 101" course.


ken said...

it's normal.. just dont bother them :)

de.lizzy.cious said...

haha i wonder whether i have haters =P

Anonymous said...

(ken) yeah I know it's normal. I used to have one or two and I just ignore them. :) I'm just curious at the reason why some haters go to great lengths to sort of "take down" the person they hate.

(lizzy) you'd know if you have any :) but then again, there's no point in finding out either. Waste of time ;)

Anonymous said...

haha nice one really. and it's so very true as well. just ignore 'em. :) take a deep breath and walk away.

you have an amazing weekend okay. x

Kym said...

*sigh* some people just seriously have too much time on their hands. -.-

Anonymous said...

(sarah) thanks :) yeap, I did that before this and it worked! i had a sorta amazing weekend, tq.

(Kym) i agree, it would be great if they can give away their excess free time to me, because 24hrs is not enough for me right now lol :P

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