7 Most Sexy Male Singers

Friday, March 6

Sexy is such a subjective word. You like it. I like it. Heck, you men don't view Playboy for nothing. You all don't check out the Top X sexiest/Hottest/Most Beautiful... for nothing. Confess... we all love the word sexy.

So this time round, me gonna dwell on about sexy men. Hot and sexy men who can serenade you all night long. (whoops, take this meaning at face value my dear)

Let me spill the beans, I like my sexy men when they can serenade me with their sexy voice. Let's spread those sexiness shall we?

Here are my list of the sexiest male singers in no particular order of course. With so much hotness going on, it's deathly even to take such a long time scrutinizing over who should the number 1 and who should be next.

Enrique Iglesias

This is one sexy singer with a sexy voice and sense of groove. Check out his latest music video of "Taking Back My Love feat Ciara". Sweet sexy. Just reminds me of a hot soldier who can totally sing and groove.

Rob Thomas

Those silverish eyes. SEXY. His new do? SEXY. His music? SEXY. Those piercings of him? SEXY.

Joel Madden

Him being the Good Charlotte band makes him so ultra sexy. Somebody here makes a sexy father. If only he can make his wife add some fat. Should I also add his tattoos rock sexxy =)

Shayne Ward

My Goodness this sexy hunk with his almost bald head...uber sexy. Not to mention his music videos and his oh-so-sexy voice as he hit the high and low notes. This man can serenade you all day and all night.

Adam Levine

The lead singer of Maroon 5. Ok I admit it, the reason I listen to Maroon 5 (apart from their cool songs and Levine's sexy singing is Levine himself. Check him out on "She Will Be Loved" & "This Love"... this sexy number can make you melt.

Chris Daughtry

He might look big and buff. He might be bald & married. He might not have won American Idol (which I think he should have). Coz he has one sexy deep voice. Loving his songs. Loving his music.

Justin Timberlake

Honestly, I used to dislike him. It got even worst when I watch him in a movie (which I can't recall the title). But his solo comeback as an artist has him with a sexy album, sexy groove, sexy singing voice & sexy almost bald shaved head. Me loving his song Love & Sexy Magic right now =)

And there you go. Music by these fellas shoot their sexiness rating sky high for me.

*HIGH 5!*

Don't agree? Then who do you think should have been listed here as one the sexy male singers?


princessofrandomness said...

HUH???!!!! Where is James Franco?? And David Beckham??? And Jason Statham?? And Cesc Fabregas???


Miss Confession said...


Male singers my dear!!! =p

BoonBoon said...

haha.krystal sounds so desperate. LOL

Mad Maureen said...

Hmm.. I agree with 5 of your choices except for Adam Levine and Chris Daughtry.. I agree that they are sexy but I think Jason Mraz and Craig David are sexier.. What do u think?? ;)

Miss Confession said...

(BoonBoon) ehhhh... fancy seeing you in this section. since when do you comment??? u normally drop msggs in cbox. well, krys shares her share of love towards sexy man!!!

(Maureen) owhhh well, different people have different taste right? or else every1 will go after the same dude. HAHA.

Hmmm... I enjoy J. Mraz & David C too but not so much that I think they are sexy. But still enjoy their songs and still love their singing & all. =)

Mad Maureen said...

Ya, i agree with u on everybody chasing the same dude thingy if everybody has the same taste... even my best friends thinks that i have really different taste on guys among them... lol.. as u said, sexy is subjective.. ;)

:Penthius: said...

+Instead of Adam, I'll pick David Cook..=)

Miss Confession said...

(Penthius) ohhh he's pretty hot too. But not so much for me. But a great choice =)

Anonymous said...

If Joel & Shayne were Jason from Lifehouse(HOT!) & Kris Allen(sooo cute) then I'd agree! P.S. ROB THOMAS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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