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Sunday, March 8

Sometimes or most of the time sometimes, I find myself lounging around at I watch vblogs there - one or two that I stick to. I watch music videos there. I watch weird commercials that make you go WTF??!?
I watch comedies and short videos / shows. At times I watch dance choreograhies and mind you, there's a lot you can learn. Just give it a try. 

It's pretty interesting how the Youtube has so many varieties. Although at times you stumble upon really lame and stupid beginner as videos that don't make sense at all.

But this is not related whatsoever towards the lameass, stupid videos I just mentioned. 

Just the other day I stumble upon Youtube's number 1 female youtuber - VP (short for Venetian Princess)
I actually enjoyed the videos because they are funny and ... let's just say could possibly be insulting but hey, that's not the purpose of the video. Don't get so sensitive. Just watch leisurely and get entertain. But then again, others might not find these funny. BUT IT IS DEFINITELY TO ME!

Deff watch em!


janis said...


Miss Confession said...

(janis) HI!

LOL. yeah it was so funny i kept on laughing nonstop watching the videos. sometimes when it's a blue day, i head on 2 youtube for some laughter.

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