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Monday, March 9


I just don't get it!!! When I have the urge to blog, I open the post template & *BOOM* my mind goes blank. I don't know where and what to begin with. I go blank!

I was about to relax or go to sleep or I was in between doing some errands when *BOOM* I got an inspiration to blog. Oh man! Not now! I don't have time to. I'm so lazy to go to (replace this with whichever blogging service you use)...

Is it me? Coz I get this all the time. It is as frequent as my monthly menstrual cycle man! Prolly even more frequent. No biggie but it still touches the tickling beginning of the annoyance scale.

It happened to me again. I had some trouble sleeping at night for a week already & just the other night I had the problem again. So as I was dreaming away while pondering over at the ceiling (I wish i had glass ceilings so I could look at the night sky), *BOOM* I had a couple of thoughts about what I wanted to do in my life. It soon turn out into a list of things I intend to do before I die.

(things that have not been accomplished till today)

~Go ice skating
~Sing on a stage (with or without audiences doesnt matter)
~Ride a big rollercoaster that rates at least 3 on a 1-5 scale (LOL i'm a coward this way)
~Get the tattoo that I've always wanted @ my ankle
~Learn how to cook PROPERLY
~Lie on an open field and gaze at the stars till sunrise
~Visit places in Italy, France, Germany, & Korea
~Soak under the sun of the islands of Greece, Indonesia, Fiji, Italy, Australia, & France
~Go rock climbing
~Master as much of photoshop & illustrator as I can
~Learn proper techniques of various dance styles
~Get married
~Have children
~Build a snowman & create an angel on snow
~Go paragliding
~Swim with the dolphins
~Throw a huge party of my own & have a blast
~Attempt roller blading
~Learn the basics of a foreign language (french or italian)
~Fall deeply, unconditionally & helplessly in love (whoa! so cliche!)
~Stay out all night dancing till I collapsed to a deep sleep
~Organize a fund raiser for a charity cause (breat cancer, HIV or unfortunate children)
~Drive a convertible with the top off and the music blasting away
~Ride on a hot air balloon
~Learn to float & swim (yeah I can't you can stop laughing at me already)
~Go for a real picnic at a beautiful park
~Go on a great, awesome cruise

...the list will just go on as each day pass by



ally said...

hi girl! it's not just you! they call it the "writer's block". happens to me too!

anyways, i have something for you here:

Mad Maureen said...

wow, interesting list..i would like to do some of things that you listed up there.. ;) my answer to your question would be winning an award for a profession that i like.. in this case, i have to live till 100 years and above..

Shinky said...

Writer's Block eh? I only heard of people having constipation finally got the urge to do business, but when they just went in to the toilet... No more business to do. :P

zeemi said...

1. visit Venice and Maldives.

Miss Confession said...

(ally) saw it! thanks =)

(zeemi) ohhh thats wonderful. Venice is included in my dream to visit Italy. =D

Miss Confession said...

(Maureen) thanks. I guess everyone just has stg they dream of doing in the course of their lives. And I wonder what profession would that be? Well, for me anything is possible & even if you dont reach the goal at the end, at least you work your way through to reach there in the 1st place. Better than not doing anything at all. Of course it is easier said than done but then again, you never know =D

(shinky) hahaha... that a first i've heard of. Never happened to me b4. Is it you? lol. Just kidding... =)

Mad Maureen said...

hehe.. the profession that i like? urm, probably a journalist at the moment.. lol.. but then again, i might change my dream cause i am a rolling stone...

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