What the hell is wrong with you people!??

Saturday, March 14

See it was a one fine day when I woke up to meet up with some of my friends for a day out when on the way, Darren told me about this video that shows how Foie Gras was made. 

I've never eaten Foie Gras & I never will eat after watching this video. 

Seriously, this is absolute cruelty and inhumane. How sick are you? Why people who enjoy foie gras pay a sum of money to eat a disease dish is just beyond me. 

It is like you're paying to eat a tumor of a another person. Definitely check out this video and watch it, you'll be sick to your stomach. I'd say foie gras should be banned. I know we're eating animal meats and all but this is beyond it. Purposefully torturing this birds horribly till they suffer to death just for the sake of a stupid dish that you just won't die if you don't eat. 

WARNING: don't watch while you're eating, it can be upsetting to your tummy. 


Mad Maureen said...

Honestly and embarassedly i admit that i have no idea what is Foie Gras but after reading what you've wrote about it, i am glad i've never eaten it before.. lol.. Too bad i can't watch this video cause of the poor connection in my hostel.. -_-

Btw, thanks for the information on the watches and i really appreciate it.. ;)

~~mArCh BaBe~~ said...

this is way too crazy..i can't bear to watch the rest of it :(((

Nairobian Perspective said...

this is quite an interesting blog, happy to have stumbled upon it thru entrecard!

Miss Confession said...

(Mad Maureen)
Its quite a pricey delicacy... normally people would eat during fine dining. I've never eaten before and I dont want to. HAHA... Well, it's really cruel. I guess it's a "good" thing not to watch?? lol

(march BABE)
yes it is!!! I feel so sorry for those ducks. Torturous.. those workers who choose to abuse & mistreat those ducks for fun should be tortured to death. They deserve the exact same treatment.

(Nairobian Perspective)
thank you =)

Dorothy L said...

Yikes....why I am always amazed at just how low the human being can go. I should expect anything these days.
Who are these people that pay for this garbage anyway///
God help us!

Thanks for sharing!
Have a very good day!

Dorothy L said...

Hello...I could not seem to locate the place to type name or message in your shoutbox. The e-card is blocking it!
Have a very nice day!

Miss Confession said...

(Dorothy L)
Tell me about it! Anything can happen these days. It's just a matter of time.

hmmm... i think it was the page loading that had some problem because so far no problems for me or any1 else.

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