"Kawaii Boys"

Saturday, April 4

Can you believe it?
I just got up from tossing and turning around on the bed because my cramps hurt like hell. Seriously!
It feels like as if an elephant is literally trying to pop out of me. Sheesh! Sometimes I wish I'm a guy.

But then again if I were to be a guy, I'll miss out on all the fun doing what girls do. HAHA.
Speaking of which, a friend showed me a video yesterday on Youtube. Before I came across these videos, I've never thought there were such game shows. But seriously, only the Jap can think of such weird games shows for entertainment. If you ever came across any on TV, you'll get what I mean.

So anyhoo, this game show is basically about Jap high school boys (that young) dressing up and looking like "kawaii" Jap girls. Now you get me?

I think these boys should have been born as girls.
But then already there are so many girls out there and so little guys...
Gosh. You people would just have to watch these videos fr yourself.


Mad Maureen said...

Seriously..... THey (Jap boys) dare to appear on tv like this huh? Anyway, I envy those Jap boys who seem to be more feminine than me..I guess that's the reason they dared to appear on tv.. Instead of being laughed at, they are actually being envied, huh? ;)

Erisha said...

(Mad Maureen)

Ok thats one thing I give a thumbs up to them. They are daring. But I'm not liking this gameshow. HAHA. Just personal preference I guess.

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