Is that a SHE or HE?

Thursday, March 5


... but the first glance I had, I find myself feeling confused. It's not important per se but then again, us humans' thirst of curiosity is what makes the world go round (non-scientifically speaking).

So tell me!
Does this look like a GUY or a LADY to you?

Better yet, IS that model a GUY or a LADY?

p/s: nothing against him/her...just wondering...


austenfan said...

bloghopped! :)

yeah, you're right, she does look like a guy. her hairstyle doesn't really compliment the shape of her face.

Miss Confession said...


hello. ya thats pretty obvious. I think its a she but looks like a man. I don't think any hairstyle could make her look feminine unless it frames the shape so that it doesnt look so squarish and sharp

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