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Wednesday, August 4

Well, lookie at what we have here? A first post from our new contributor :)

Why hello there!! (If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, read the previous post)
He's new people, so be nice and don't bite.

So anyway, I'm rather bittersweet about the fact that Machines is replacing my iTouch with a brand new one because of a hardware problem. It's great that I'm getting a totally brand new one but then again I'm so attached to my original, old one and not forgetting the fact that all my notes inside are now all GONE!!! These notes aren't just notes, okay? There are sentimental values... notes where money can't buy em' all back. Such a bummer.

Oh well, shit happens. Which brings me to the fact that there are friends of mine who are experiencing major/slight bumps in their life right now. In other words, life for them has met with a dead end and so they have no directions to choose from. Besides friends, there are a couple of people I know, not personally, who I shall term as blogger buddies or just random people I know of but may not know me, who are going through similar rough patches. And so this blog post is specially dedicated to you darlings. If you happen to be reading this and you find yourself fitting the bill here, this is for you too.

I know at times or perhaps for some of you, life hits you in the face with dirty old sour lemons and they bite (real hard that is) and it hurts. There are times when you'd go: "enough is enough!!" and then there are times when you see that things just don't seem to get better and all you can do is go: LIFE SUCKS!
Yeah, life does suck at times and if I were to one of those idiots who keep telling you "oh well, life sucks", you'd probably want to smack me on my face right now because I'm sure you already know this so saying it again is not going to help...I know.

So instead, I've got a list of other things that I will tell you that some other idiots probably will not ( I said some, not all).

1. Stop beating yourself up for any mistakes you've done/have not done but you think you were to be blamed. Do you want to stay miserable for the rest of your life? It's OK to feel guilty and terrible for a while for what you've done but beating yourself up for the rest of your life ain't gonna cut it because doing so will not make things better or erase whatever that has already been done.
If it's not your fault, why go through shit to make yourself feel bad? You have to come to terms with the event and there is a difference between the former and the latter.

2. Stop blaming others
People make mistakes. Have you ever made mistakes in your life? People will always pay for what wrong they've done, eventually, so live your life because there is so much more to life than just tormenting others who have crossed your path wrongly as well as tormenting yourself for having such hatred and dislike towards others. 
Which would you prefer: To seek happiness and strength with people who deserve you/love you OR to be vengeful and let misery be your company from all the blaming and tormenting? An event in your life has already make a part of your life suck, so why would you want to make the rest of your remaining life suck even more...

3. Don't be in denial and suppress the painful memories/terrible emotions
Because trust me, it will bite you back even harder in the guts and in the place in you that you call 'sanity'. Accept what's what and talk about it. Express how you feel, albeit healthily. If you need a helping hand to cope, by all means go get one. If you need a shoulder to cry on, go ahead and wet those kind shoulders you've found. 
If you think crying and expressing pain is a sign of a weakness, remember that you've cried at least once in your life and you will feel pain at least once in your life. If that's not enough, remember that you're not immortal (if you are, you shouldn't even need to be here in the 1st place) and you'll die someday so who gives a shit whether you show any sign of weakness or not, everyone has got their own problems to deal with that is much more 'life & death' matter than the fact that you're weak just coz you cried!

4. If you gotta release your anger, DO IT! 
Yeah, at times you just need to release that build up emotion in you so you'll feel better. Just don't hurt anyone in the process. Need to shout, go wind down the window shields of your car while you're driving and scream. Go to the top of the hill and shout. Get a dummy or even better, a willing friend for you to verbally abuse and scream at the top of your lungs (they just gotta know you're not directing anything personal to them, it's just a symbolic act). Smack the pillow. Get into a pillow fight! (even better and you'll find yourself laughing in the end)

5. Be realistic
Your problems ain't the worst in this world. Just because your problem is...YOURS, doesn't mean it's the mother of all problems. And don't think as if it's the end of the world. Read up or look at how much other people who are suffering worst than you do cope with theirs and strive to break free from their misery. 

6. Get motivated/inspired. 
Read inspiring and motivating real-life stories or listen to inspiring/motivational stories of others who have got it worst than you do but still manage to live their lives as if everything is filled with beds of roses. 

7. Go get a hug
From your lover, your family or your friend(s). Hugs are nice and they make you feel safe and alright. It's a temporary 'awwww' feeling and a temporary feel good moment. When you're at ease from the stress that any problems are giving you, you're able to be rational and think clearly. You never know, you might find a resolution or two. 

8. LAUGH!!! 
By any means necessary, make yourself laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and this is true. Same as hugs, laughter will make you feel better. Sometimes (this may sound weird but can work for some), just believe that something is funny or (better yet) warped your problems into something that is comical or believe that you're laughing, and you'll find yourself really laughing at the end. After all, in time to come, when this problem is your history, you'd look back at it and laugh at it anyway. 

9. Listen
When someone is trying to help you cope and perk you up, just listen! Don't fall into the "nothing is gonna make me feel better or make anything better ever again" nonsense. You're born with ears for a reason. 

10. Vandalize post-its and markers. 
Or perhaps any tools to leave/scribble reminders or notes around for your benefit. Tell yourself how awesome you are. Tell yourself your areas of strengths. Remind yourself how awesome other parts of your life are or anyone awesome that you have in your life (who you know you always can rely on/make you feel your best). 

11. Give me a call. Or find any other way to reach out to me and I will tell you how awesome you are as a person in this whole, huge universe. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Kevin said...

I really like this post...what a fresh enlightening motivation rather than the average blatant answer that many people would address to a problem that happens either to themselves and other people. :)

Well, *Shit does happen*... but it is up to us to choose to embrace the positive or negative outcomes in such events

for the better... :)

Kym said...

Great post! No beating around the bush, just telling it like it is. :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Miss LMC, what fonts u using, its so adorable ^^

Anonymous said...

i love the list! haha. sometimes people need such indirect lists to give 'em a wake up call. :)

and yes, i'll definitely be at mofew! :) on what days will you be there?

Anonymous said...

@Kevin - wow! even your comment is so powerful. what a complementing comment for this post ;D

@Kym - thanks girl! glad you like it :)

@Nicole - the font i'm using is BPreplay but you need to search for a site that can host the font that you download and then copy the html code into your css. hope that helped.

@Sarah - hey thanks! i'm heading to the bazaar on Sat ;)

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