Reasons you should go vacation in Abu Dhabi

Sunday, August 15

Sex in the City 2 made me fall in love with Abu Dhabi!

Well, before I got myself to watching the movie today, I've always wanted to go to Abu Dhabi. In fact, after the movie, I immediately fell in love with that place and it will remain as one of the top cities to visit before I die!!!

In the midst of all the love affair, I went on to Google  Abu Dhabi and now I shall tell you a couple of reasons why you should make this city your next vacation paradise. I'll start off by showing you...

Abu Dhabi's Palace
Night view of  Emirates Palace Hotel - credit: dubaiinternetmarketing
Whole front view of Emirates Palace - credit: oursurprisingworld
Yes! The mother of all hotels in Abu Dhabi! The exquisite Emirates Palace. My jaw practically dropped when I saw this hotel. But of course, it will take me eternal slavery to be able to accommodate in this princess. But then again, I could probably start selling precious rubies and I'll find myself living my life in there ;)

Middle Eastern cuisines
Credit: my foodilicious
Credit: menumag
I'm always a fan of flavorful palates and spice :) Thus, I'm all in for some Middle Eastern food. Mmmm... the spice, the unique colors and flavors, the juicy meat and appealing combination of east and west. What more than to indulge in the country that eats off middle eastern cuisines?

Abu Dhabi beaches
Credits: Jon Rawlinson
Credit: travel journal
Who loves serene, white and sandy beaches? Abu Dhabi has one of the best beaches as one of their city's main attractions. Love the city, love the beaches! I, for one, am a sucker for beaches and clear ocean ;) Best part is, you can go Dhow Cruising!!!!!

Abu Dhabi Desert
Credit: ahlanlive
Desert experiences!!!! 
I have always wanted to step food in the desert and go for camel rides!!! And this is a place to do just that.

Abu Dhabi architecture
Credit: blogs.weyak
Credit: max4project
Credit: accardia
Known as one of the most modern cities in the world, Abu Dhabi features an array of stunningly, gorgeous architectures (as seen above). Sightseeing will absolutely be captivating. Not to forget their areas and buildings of heritage as well as the modern skyscrapers!

And for the ladies:

Imagine a beautiful place that gives you a reason to adorn pretty trinkets and long, flowy dresses!! It gives you the perfect excuse to wear wind blowing attires, gorgeous colored dresses, scarves and bangles. Just be mindful to respect their culture and not be too revealing. 

Another for the ladies!
The Abu Dhabi Shopping Festival which happens every March!!! *i hear feminine squeals and a couple of gay cheers as well*
Credit: visitabudhabi
More? Shop marketplaces (souks) in Abu Dhabi for bargains - spices, apparels, scarves, shoes, perfumes & even gold.

And there you have it...
So will someone, anyone, sponsor me an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Abu Dhabi?


the girl in stiletto said...

the beachesssssssssssss.

Anonymous said...

@the girl in stiletto - yeah every girl them beaches for some unwinding ;)

Anonymous said...

yes! agreed! after watching SATC2, i'm really yearning to go to abu dhabi! so gorgeous! and makes me think if i'd wanna have lunch in the middle of the desert, haha.

oh, why didn't you or your boyfriend come up and say hello? would've been nice. :) hehe. did you enjoy yourself at mofew? :)

Anonymous said...

@sarahtay gosh me too!! sounds fun and just awesome aint it?

Owh.. by the time he told me, you guys were pretty far ahead already. Otherwise I would have :)

Hmm.. not really because I was kinda broke, so I didn't manage to splurge myself silly :P I only went to check out the event and see what it was like.

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