A Malaysian's ludicrous comment

Saturday, August 21

Just this week I went to the movies and watched The Expendables. Golly! Boy, was I excited to watch some action-packed and testosterone-filled movie where they big boys are given excuses to play with their big toys ;) Might I add: hunky big boys?

So there I was, sitting in the cinema hall, being rather early this time round since there weren't any trailers on the screen yet. Despite the small hall in Cathay, I'd always love their comfortable red seats.

Anyway a couple of minutes later, trailers started to screen and a bunch of, well let me put it this way, Malaysian guys came and sat right next to the left of me. There was this one trailer on an upcoming, new chinese action movie playing on the screen. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Hong Kong movies nor do I actually like their action movies. They're just not my cup of tea and they're not something I'd look forward to watch either.

Now right after that particular trailer ended, a comment from the immediate left came saying: "Chinese movies are really full of nonsense". Now this comment wasn't in English. Nor were they in Tamil or Chinese because I wouldn't understand a thing they guy said, if that were to be the case. Thus, I've translated the comment to English since all my blog posts are written in English and so the exact impact or spot-on meaning of what he exactly said wasn't fully described.
So immediately after that stereotypic comment, I was rather perplexed. No, I wasn't offended or anything like that, just to be clear!

Yes, I was rather perplexed and it got me thinking...

" If you think chinese movies are really so nonsensical, have you taken a look at most of our country's own production? "

I mean seriously...especially so-called failed attempts of comedies and action-thrill ones! Of course there are good productions in Malaysia but those handful ones can really be counted on my two bare hands.

Now the thing was that, it got me thinking that way because of the way he had commented. It was as if the movie was in a form of language that he most probably did not understand and that it was rather comically lame at various scenes shown in the trailer, which made him utter the comment out loud.

So that was that. I then went on to be somewhat bemused towards the fact that a Malaysian could criticized a generalized statement about chinese movies but looked passed the fact that Malaysian movies are just the same, or maybe even worst.


Anonymous said...

Not all of the Chinese films are full of non sense. Did you sit right next to them the whole time you were watching the film? Tell me about sucky movies, in my country most films are crap! Same old predictable movies all about oppression, love triangle, love stories, rags to riches etc etc! All these crap! Hahaha. Some indie films are worth watching though, but some can be really disturbing and over the top.

Have you seen the movie Kung Pow? Its really funny, I dunno if you will like it though. Hehe

Roxy said...

I've heard such great things about The Expendables. Definitely need to see it ASAP.

Anonymous said...

(Eureka Gildo) exactly... yeah i had to sit next to them the whole time i was watching the film. Yeah i agree with you on the indie films.

Well, no, i've not watched Kung Pow yet. I'll be sure to check it out :) thanks

(Roxy) it doesn't have a storyline but then again if you just would like a casual, non-serious, all-action movie on a fri night or a weekend, then this is it!

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