18 in 18

Friday, February 1

Like I've promised earlier, this is a list of "18 Things I Did When I'm 18".

From these 18 things, there are some that were unintentional, intentional, loved, disliked & regretted. I'll leave it up to you dear readers to distinguish which is which. =)

I'll like to start with the number 18 & go backwards. (things stated are not in any particular order).

18. Join my first ever camp.

17. Had a trip to Singapore with my Mum & Sis

16. Went clubbing for the 1st time.

15. Experienced Flying Fox for the 1st time.

14. Started college life in Help University Coll

13. Had my 1st vodka.

12. Tried cigarettes.

11. Got drunk.

10. Went Genting on Xmas.

9. Shared my deepest secret out.

8. Got "stalked" by a stranger while shopping.

7. Went to my 1st Good Charlotte concert for free.

6. Had a blast in 17's Summer Splash.

5. Got my license but no car!!!!!!!

4. Drove less than 10 times.

3. Went to PD with my friends during semester break.

2. Increased my blog's traffic & build a second new blog.


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