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Thursday, November 13

Ooohhh boy! Someone has abandoned her blog and I wonder who that may be??? *looks to the left & right* *seem utterly clueless*


I'm not gonna mention names here. =p

It's been busy busy busy. OMG ok la. I've been putting the *update blog* thought off a couple of days already. Why? Just because. But I shall give some excuses here: busy...busy...busy...lazy...no time...don't feel like it...too many things to say at 1 time so better not say today (lol)

(EH WTH!!!! Where got such people give such lame excuses!!!)

OK lets move on to Halloween photos before you start throwing tomatoes at me my blog & start a ketchup factory here. =D

I know it's been so long after but never mind. After all, sharing is caring. And who says we cannot ponder back huh?

I celebrated Halloween night with a bunch of friends at KDU college's Halloween Charity Night. Darren was part of the event. It was all in all a great night =)
Enough talking already. Here I bring you photos (mostly taken by Marvin) and look at how some people (or maybe they are not what we think they are) look like:

BTW, it was such a last minute thing that I didn't know what to wear so I ended up not wearing any costumes or what not to the event. But I was pretty much in black & white.

Quote from Amber: "Must cam whore after she make up!!!" This was at her house, waiting for the Twins.

I have to say the team did a great job in making this event happen. They had props and all for the decor & to make the place fit enough for the celebration. The entrance had a human made arch that refers to the gate to hell. Uber cool. No photo though. .Too bad! Haha
KDU students and maybe not in costumes...
From left: The phantom (eh I think I saw a girl as a phantom too), Magician, Cleopatra, Kiong Si & friend

She-devil (she's up to stg naugthy!!!), Joker, Mime(sexy lips dude) & Red Angel (love the wings!!!!)

Bride, What's this suppose to be?? (stg from StarWars isit?), Dead girl & strangled girl with a teddy, genie(love the outfit) & black angel

French Maid, Xena, Warrior from 300 & nurse, ghost haunting KDU & a hippie (peace yo)

Kiong Si & cleopatra with mermaid??, Male mime found female mime, Butterfly, cowgirl & Ms. Weirdo

belly dancer?? gypsy???, dead hip hoppers & schoolgirl, princess & dead guy killed while asleep (teehee...the wonders of my eyeshadows)

From top clockwise:
French Maid, SlipKnot, hurt patient & dead photographer, Friday the 13th, pirate, clown, gypsy, sexy nurse, Mr Muscles, she-devil & kiong si, another she-devil, goth & witch.

Us girls while watching performances...

There was a tarot reading at the corner.

Oh and a graveyard. Nice!!!

Amber, Adrian & Moi

She-devil & her mime!

What is it you're trying to tell us???

Hahahaha.... Darren forgot his eyeliner & eyeshadow!!! =p

Yeah we love the sexy devil! So naughty, someone should spank her! LOL

See if we could smile this happily if it were a real graveyard huh

Pose some more... the dead don't want you on their grounds please!!

US girls with Marvin before he died.
Ei, pyjama boi! Why you forgot to change your pants before coming to college? Sheesh...

And then he was murdered while asleep so he came haunting KDU

Darren the Emo. Finally he got his eyeshadow. Nuff la. No eyeliner.

A must to take a photo with joker. A great MC that night

With joker again. Why so serious???

Group shot

And the night was still young while the dancefloor was open...

See, even these ghosts know how to groove man!
Who says they don't know how to party after death...=)

And that was that. Also got loads of free stuff from the goodie bags.
Of course there was a haunted house as well la.

Sigh why don't that many people dress up scary anymore???


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