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Sunday, January 31

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Ya' know, when I was 15 or 16 or even 18, I was always looking forward to turning the BIG 21. Now that I have, and with so many things that took place from then right up to now, time has allowed everything to change. When I actually turned earlier this week, it was nothing to me. Not in a bad or sad way though. It was merely another year & another birthday. That's it. I mean what is the big deal about it?

Don't know if it's just me or if this happens to others too, but whatever, not important. Well, not anymore that is. 
Needless to say, I gotta say A BIG THANK YOU to all those MSN wishes, text messages, emails, calls, Facebook & Twitter messages, hugs & gifts. =D

So do I feel a year older? 

Honestly, no. HAHAHA... Age is just a number, honey! 
Let's see if I've changed all these 21 years...

Now now dearies, don't laugh. This was taken when I was about a year plus...

And this is obviously the current picture...

Changes? That I'm not sure of but I do know one thing that has not changed while comparing these two photos! 
I still love to cam-whore!! LOL. One year old or not, 20 years later, I still carry the same hobby =P

Speaking of changes that never took place & for the sake of this "21 chapters" marathon, I'm gonna kick off with listing 21 changes that never took place...yet!

The 21 Changes That Never Took Place...Yet!

1. I still feel chills in the dark ~ well it's pretty understandable when I was little, but all those years of constant vivid imagination after watching/listening to horrors & the nightmare period a few years ago, it has become a tradition. Sadly.

2. I still can't swim ~ I personally think that water isn't a pretty friend of mine

3. I'm still a poser in photos ~ Nuff said. If you ever get the chance to take a looksee into my photo albums when I was younger, the photos speak for themselves!!

4. I still am so bad in Chinese ~ AND i don't give two hoots!

5. I'm still a girl ~ HAHAHA... I just had to put that in..In case some retards had that thought =P

6. I still hate onions ~ For the love of God, PLEASE stop saying I'm weird for disliking onions & stop making me eat them!!

7. I still don't get to have my own dog ~ mehhh... this will change someday, I know this. 100% confidence level OK! 

8. I still cry like a baby ~ shy can? =(... better stop laughing at me or I'll start crying, I tell you. 

9. I still love to read ze books ~ although I have to say that my preferences have changed a little bit

10. I'm still am THAT TALL GIRL ~ the only way this is gonna change is if we all start growing shorter as we grow older...

11. I'm still damn 7 bad with numbers ~ it's like my memory is not meant for numbers.. or my cognitive capability for that matter

12. I still love to sleep with lotsa of pillows around me ~ but the number has decreased of course. I used to have more

13. I still have that sarcastic gene in me ~ although the "sting" ain't that awesome anymore... old already can?

14. I can still bitch like one ~ so don't mess with me? =P

15. I still can't whistle if my life depended on it ~ tried so many times - all fail!

16. I still can't snap my fingers ~ no sound it made for every attempt i make - confirmed!

17. I still have not join the dance classes I wanted to take up ~ long story; lazy to explain

18. I still blog! ~ because it gives me a place to ramble, have some peace in mind, keeps me insane & a place for me to vent vent vent

19. I'm still as loud as I can ever be ~ I can't help it larh!! I keep telling myself - calm down, slow that volume down please. But to no avail. Especially when I get provoked, excited or annoyed

20. I'm still as ticklish as ever ~ gahhhhhh... must learn to not be ticklish!!! (NY's resolution! pffftt ya right?)

21. I still contradict myself all the time ~ example: see number 20.. nuff said!


Lean said...

NIce blog u have ere. =)

Ashley Foo Ai Lynn said...

where's i'm still scared of lizards? :P and still the same smile i tell u. only to two front teeth. hahahaxd

Miss Confession said...

(Lean) Thank you =D

When I turn 22 next year, I shall add, Still Annoyed by My Sister the Ashbikey.
When u have such a sweet smile like mine, it's hard to change =P

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