Love is ... ?

Friday, January 22

Love is the unspoken words
Love is the nervous flutters in the middle of your stomach
Love is happiness
Love is pain
Love is confusing and mind-boggling
Love is the joy of having the company
Love is the look you see on the face that makes you smile
Love is hate being upside down
Love is crazy
Love closing your eyes and thinking of nothing but
Love is sharing and peaceful
Love is the tears of misery from missing someone
Love is the tears of joy
Love is hellos and insincere goodbyes
Love is long warm hugs when it's raining
Love is kissing under the umbrella
Love is complicated
Love is the art of compromise
Love is ignorance
Love is the test of patience
Love is foolish
Love is the dream we hope for and the reality we strive for
Love is the course of understanding
Love is the beauty of communication
Love is naive
Love kills
Love heals
Love is the music of our soul
Love is the language that is unwritten, unspoken yet understood
Love is sacrifice
Love is a tease
Love is ... ?

What is love to you?


Admin said...

love is miracle

Jane said...

Love is extremely dangerous and powerful ;)

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