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Wednesday, May 19


That is how long I've been sick. It's ironic how when one hates pain a lot or has a very low tolerance for pain, pain comes knocking at the door twenty4seven. Crap! Plus the weather is not greeting us all with a lovely 'Hello" anymore these days.
What a way to end my semester break huh?

Well, well, look at me! Being all bitchy and whiny. Cut me some slack!! I'm in pain :(
No, but seriously, I'm getting too whiny these days. I'm almost glad I actually do acknowledge that. Honestly, sometimes I think there's a girl with a mental age below my chronological age on one side of me and another girl with a mental age above my chronological age on the other side where the grass is greener and the sun shines brighter. The former side loves being a bitch and make a fool out of myself by being irrational, irritating and irresponsible while the latter is quite the opposite. Problem is, the latter only gets to the former side after the former side has done her damage. This is totally unacceptable! (i'm being whiny again)


Thankfully, the boyfriend is so sweet during all these sickness & pain. Sorry you gotta put up with the irritating whiny brat that stays in me :P

Gosh, I dislike this whole new semester. I always find myself disliking a new semester whenever it is on. Let's blame the pre-semester blues. How much time has flew by. Third year. Boy, saying it out loud gives me the cold. I think I'm nervous and anxious deep down. What should a girl do at moments like these? When she realizes time is tick-tocking at the back of her and yet she has no clue on which direction to head to?

Even in her blog, she's lost. And look at how much she has been gone from here? I wish I could blog like I used to in the past. Every other day, there's something to talk about. I think I kinda "lost" that already, somewhere between being here and there. I find that when you're at two places at a time, you sorta get "lost" in between and you never really get to be at either places. I gotta find myself back and decide where I want to be at one time. Some of you may probably think this is confusing and you have no idea what I'm talking about. I guess you gotta really be in my shoes to fully understand what I mean.

Heck, I'm happy here and now. I am. But there are just some parts of me, personally, that I gotta pick up and decide where I should appropriately place them.

But what I'm certain is that I will not stop writing. Never in a million life experiences. That's a part of me where it is just right where it belongs :)


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