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Friday, May 28

It fumes me without fail when a hypocrite tries to display physical self as respectful and above others when their actions are walking on the opposite direction of what they say or how they present themselves. I know that at times, circumstantially, I may present myself in a light that does not please a certain crowd, hence the flow of judgement and criticisms, which really are just winds passing my way, but at the very least I'm not one to act and speak in front of others in a pretty light but when their true self is darker than black.

So to hell with you if you are a hypocrite but tries to direct me to the better side of a place. Remember also that one man's meat is another man's poison. So what you think is good and rightful and the best may not be so for others. If you think you're so righteous, preach your so-called true values and so-called merit teachings to other hypocrite earthlings out there who are too blind to notice your pretentious front.

I may be young but age is just a number and sometimes, having increasing digits as one of your demographic labels don't mean that whatever you have in mind is as solid as rock because even earthquakes can crack the folds of your brains due to increasing level of crap in between the gaps.


ken said...

i dont like hypocrites! =)

Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =)

Mad Maureen said...

agreed. some people are always very judgmental towards others but themselves... to be objectively right, it's better to be subjectively wrong in their eyes.. cause their judgment are always so shallow and sooo sooo wrong. lol.

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