"Things That'll Irritate Me W/o Fail"

Friday, July 30

I'm pretty sure everyone has things in life that they can't (and when I say can't, I mean for their love of life, they CAN'T) possibly tolerate/live with. I know I have a couple of things that, without fail, will irritate the living hell out of me. But then again, some of these things are tolerable than others.

  • Bad customer service! 
I know for a fact that almost everyone can't stand bad customer service. I mean c'mon... who does right? But to me, it is highly a must to have good customer service. If I enter a restaurant for the first time and the customer service sucks like nobody's business, the management will either hear a sharp complaint from me or will never see the sight of me in that place ever again. Not to forget that a whole new grapevine will take place and news will pass through word of mouth about how bad the service is. Trust me, these days services are getting from bad to worse.

  • Using the same cutleries and/or plates and bowls for different dishes
Yeah some of you may think this is weird but I just can't stand this. I can never use the same fork or spoon when eating different dishes and will always try whatever way I can to get clean ones for each serving of dishes. If I ain't got the choice, I'd clean the cutleries with napkins or paper towels first or just choose not to eat the other dish. Yeah I know the logic isn't there because afterall the food will all end up mixed in my digestive system but I still hate it. Even my boyfriend thinks I'm weird this way!

  • People who take the entire century to get back to my calls or text messages and I think this is nuff' said.

    • When the toilet seat is not cleaned up after usage and not flushed. (everyone except those who are of the disgusting canine sorts will probably feel the same way about this)

      • People who are constantly whiny and seeks attention through freakishly shouting like a hyena. 
      I have a message for you if you constantly do this: The attention you get is of the negative sort and people hate you for what you've done. So cut the crap will ya? And all that whining isn't gonna change/make things better so just shut up, thank you very much. My ears are pleased and happy :)

      •  People who don't wear deodorant
      They'd go: I don't need to... I don't have BO. 
      Well newsflash honey: Everyone has their own natural BO and the only difference is if the intensity is so bad that it smells real bad. Plus, you may think you don't but then again only others can really smell your BO but they're just too nice and don't want to avoid the awkward moment of confronting you. So, get a deodorant and just spray/swipe on. it's so simple. Plus, even if you don't have a strong BO, deodorant helps to eliminate that ugly sweat patch you got from sweating like a pig (which a lot of us can't help it because it's a natural body process)

      • Don't ever talk too much or disturb me when I'm all stressed up unless you want to get snapped at
      Sorry!!! It's not your fault but I tend to be sooooooooooo snappy and cranky when I'm all stressed up

      • Burping out loud
      Please don't ever do that in my face or I'll slap the crap out of you. Nah... I'm just kidding. No slapping involved. Just say excuse me, will ya? Pretty please my dear! :)

      • Deliberately farting out loud in my face
      This... hmmm.. slapping might be involved :) Haha... nah just kidding. I don't think so. Unless you deliberately sat on my face and fart. YUCK!

      • Smoking in front of me when I am still eating and drinking
      I already hate it if you blow puffs of cig smoke directly at my direction at any times. But if it's when I'm eating & drinking, I can't stand it so for the sake of your "beautiful face", don't do it in front of me when I'm eating. Not only will all that smoking kill you. My curses and "sweet" glare will speed up the killing process ;)

      • BIMBO-NESS *fullstop*

        • Speaking on the phone like some chinese Ah Beng

        • If you like to make pre-assumptions all the time, then I hate your guts to the core
        Ok, I don't hate you per se but I might. Or something like that. No but seriously I don't get it man! I know people can't live without gossiping but why must you start accusing others based on your flimsy and immature pre-assumptions? it's freaking annoying can? Would you like it if people do that to you? Don't say you don't give a shit because deep down you do and somehow it will poke whichever spare fats you have so don't be in denial and stop being baboon. TQVM

        • blah blah blah I'm gonna stop here right now because I am rather irritated right now from a 100 attack of questions. Yeah I just get to irritated when you ask me a whole bunch of irritating nonsensical questions like a thousand shots of bullets attacking me all at once. So I'm out of here. 


        jfook said...

        I hate the smoking part!!

        Kevin said...

        i still think d eating diff sets of food with diff cutleries a bit weird....but i love u for being who u are darling *muacks* ... :p

        Anonymous said...

        good! join the hate club ;)

        (Kevin) it's not weird...it's unique :D awwww.. *grins* <3

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