Thursday, August 9

Conversation with MUM

Mum: Well, it seems that I've not talk to you about yesterday?
Me: Yesterday? *pretend not to understand*
Mum: Yes, yesterday night! So what happenned?
Me: Nothing... just celebrated my friend's birthday.
Mum: When I called you at 11 sth you said you were in McDonalds.
Me: Yeah. We were eating his birthday cake. You know birthdays - candle blowing ceremony.
Mum: I thought you went for dinner? Why at McDonalds?
Me: After dinner than cake at McDonalds.
Mum: Why McDonalds? Where did you all eat before that.
Me: Steamboat in Kelana Jaya then cake in McDonalds because they wanted to. No cake in Kelana Jaya.
Mum: How much was the steamboat?
Me: 21++ per person.
Mum: Hmm...


Conversation wit Dad last night
Me: *walk in the front door* *look at him with the I'm-home-now-look*
Dad: Look at me with the Ok-you're-home-now-look*


Get it?


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