Facebook: Addicted?

Sunday, September 30

So you know what Facebook is??? C'mon, I'm sure u do! Everyone who is everyone is using it. *well sort of*

If u really don't know what Facebook is, go here.

But beware, once you join u might find yourself darmn addicted to it like me and my friend, & my friend, and my other friend, and my friend's friend. It is so addictive it's like it contains drugs, caffiene or even cocaine. ~ADDICTIVE~

So if u already have a Facebook account, let's just evaluate together whether you're an addictive *Facebooker* or not.

U know ur addicted when...

... no matter what you do (eat, bathe, sleep, dream, stone, etc), you think about Facebook or sth regarding it. you think about what your friend(s) might send u, whether u received a friend request or a booze or not, or even whether some1 attacked u...blablabla

...the first thing or second thing u know you must do or are doing is to sign into Facebook and play and check your notifications and app.

...you enjoy superpoking people and it is a must. you crave for people to do so in return. you can't wait to level up and gain more actions so u continue to superpoke super-many times.

...you crave to check your notifications everyday

...you must; at least, check facebook once a day. more is haven!

...you enjoy in glee receiving drinks whether from Booze Mail, Top Friend, Happy Hour, Octoberfest, Pub Crawl or etc. enjoy seeing the colorful beverages with cute glasses & cool trinkets.

...u cant get enuf of superpoke, so u start wit poke pro, X Me and so on. u might even already have Bros vs Hos where u go calling everyday to gain points and money to buy bling.

...you think abt your cute little Fluff Pet and itch away to go pet it a zillion times and other pets of your friends because u desperately need munny for food and habitat. clothes too for those who play the Pets app.

... you go deco Your Room app with lovable n zen chic furnitures or gadgets, imagining that your room is that way!

...you can't wait to attack as many friends you have in werewolves, vampires, zombies, werewolves vs vampires, ninjas vs pirates & etc to gain point and level up to be stronger, changing your status and icon.

...you fight to be the first to bite other chumps in the above game apps in order to gain more points to attack others and have a higher chance of winning.

...you continue sending gifts and receiving gifts from Real Gifts, Holiday gifts, free gifts, mygifts and the likes of it!

...the only reason you visit other friend profile is to pet their pets for munny. =p

... u don't know y u do n y others do, but u still do such things as "pee on your friends", "set your friends on fire", "kick your friends", "throw beer at yr friends", "throw water at Water Fight", "pass hot potato", "pass firecrackers", "throw gross stuff by Gross Stuff", "throw food by Food Fight", & many more.

...you go naughty and turn into yr kinky self by desperately waiting for yr friends to sent u or send yr friends items through "naughty gifts", "sexy gifts", "guilty pleasures" & etc.

... you have FunWall and SuperWall in your profile with your friends constantly writing in it n replying or u doing d same.

...having endless list of requests from friends and sending endless requests to friends.

... you probably made Facebook.com your home.

..you go in search for more app to add and send to friends.

... you go in search in your friends' friends column to update yourself if you have not added any friends u know or any friends who have just joined but has not come to know your account.

... you feel like you forgot sth or yr day missed sth if you did not sign into Facebook to update yrself and check yr notifications & requests.

...you go to sleep at the end of the day feeling contented and knowing that you know what you have done in Facebook, thinking *for sure* that tomorrow will be another day where u do the same thing(s) again! =D

Disclaimer: you might not have to do all of the above to be addictive. one or 2 is enough to prove u being on the way. Of course, there could be more than those above, but lets just keep it this much. =)



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