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Sunday, December 9

I've been having this thoughts for some time now. To be honest, it has been in my mind constantly for a very long time. But it was hard to make a decision. I kept waiting and then thinking and dreaming and then wait some more.

But I think it's getting to the better side of me. Yet, I'm still stalling and waiting to actually make sure if I should do this.

I've been so bored with the old and tired of normal and dull. No way would I want it straight unless I decide to go short one day. Some day.

So what should I do? I've heard some who said I would better in curls???

Should I go curl my hair?

I think I should because its time for a change. But then comes the question as to which type? Which style now??? Spoiled for choices that just are so tempting, I'm still hesitating and deciding.

Love this as it is a safe one with only waves at the end. And then with hair layered by the side to the front, just so cool.

Top: The back and below: the front from a side angle. Hair is layered and thus shorter at the front.

Or another type of subtle and sweet waves???? Much more natural. Not so curly???
Or really curly ones like this??? Looks much older???
Or I could do this? Go with only volume from curls at the tips to add volume to top hair??
Or the typical one that almost all goes for???? but would be nicer to have it with longer hair but I can't stand waiting for my hair to grow any longer. It sucks in its natural condition now if its too long.
Something natural and would look still awesome even with a little mess up. Hmmm???

Ponder ponder ponder.... think think think....



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