10 Reasons Why I Blog

Saturday, April 12

 I know there could be hundreds of reasons why a person would choose to blog & stick to blogging. Some would probably blog to help oneself, help others or even just because. So here goes on mine:
  1. Because it gives the the freedom to express myself in words & in a way improve the way I do it. It also adds a dash of self satisfaction.
  2. Because it gives me a "portal" to view myself for who I am. It's true. Sometimes even I don't know who I really am & when I look back at what I've written - it gives me more clarity & understanding.
  3. Because I can actually share my ideas & it feels great when I meet new people in the blogosphere that shares the same views, ideas & interest as well.
  4. Because it is easier to tell what is crammed inside through such a medium where it's not realistically a face to face process of expressing. (yeah so I have that issue - not the only one)
  5. It gives me a space where I belong, where I'm in control because I created this space & I'm in control of it.
  6. To direct my anger & annoyance towards issues in a much appropriate manner. (helps a lot in directing me away from openly abusing the anger I'm feeling towards certain people)
  7. My blog is place where I can display photos of me, my friends, my family, my love ones & my life in a storyline album sorta way. (something meaningful to do with the photos and not only line em' up in an album)
  8. My blog serves as a journal for all my memories for myself & those associated with it, in the future.
  9. Share reviews on what I did, what I consume or experience, what I love in what I did.
  10. Finally, I blog because of the passion I have. It's a kind of hobby; a kind of passion. Picture this: it's just like how singers sing or create songs, it's like how writers write books & articles. (you get the pic)


Bobby Revell said...

Hi Erisha! Thanks for inviting me to write my 10 reasons. I think you did a great job. Your reasons are wonderful and very original. I appreciate your passion and honesty:)

Miss Confession said...

helo Bobby! Ur very much welcome. That really sweet of u & I'm glad that you appreciate what I wrote. =)

I can't wait to read on yours!

Chris A. said...

Thanks Erisha for dropping by and inviting me to join this meme/tag.

Hope you can pass by again.
Thanks! Mwah!

A Married Man said...

A Married Man is inspired to come up with a reason.


Elisha said...

your reasons are simply beautiful! i especially love number 2. My blog is a portal as well for me to view my own self =) i guess looking in the mirror isnt enough =) I agree on the clarity and understanding part. Blogging to me is like a hightech diary, sometimes you just need to type it all out to gain your own new perspective on things.. although sometimes it can be a pain, because people might have different opinions.. and leave nasty comments =p...sighs..

Miss Confession said...

(Chris) ur welcome. =) can't wait to read abt yrs.

(a married man) hi. thx 4 dropping by!

(RaisingMercury) hey I'm so glad you see the same way as well. I can't wait to read yrs! The first time I started blogging, I really didn't expect that I can actually get to know the real me better. =)

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