Dangers of Facebooking

Monday, May 5

Yeah you can't help to be one of those many trillions who Facebook every day or the other. You poke here & there & get poked back.
It's all happy when you play with app with your friends, send gifts & find long lost pals.
But behind all that, do you know that someone might be by the side of your window, peeping, looking at you signing into Facebook & probably wonder the time that you accept his/her friend request.

Yeah the Facebook stalker. It's true Facebook has it's privacy policy & privacy profiles which you can take charge to ensure how much is revealed to your friends & every other individuals. but do you know that every outside applications available in Facebook (that means around hundreds of the apps) are not designed by Facebook insiders but are third party ones. These apps you add can actually gain access to your information without you knowing it.
Next thing you know, that stalker might be following you around your neighborhood.
Beware Facebookers!


JAB_au said...

LoL, thats funny.

Miss Confession said...

(jab_au) helo. yeah it is =)

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