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Friday, July 11

You know I have certain things that really bugs me. Total turn off. But the one thing that is extremely a BIG TURN OFF is BAD SERVICE!!!!!!

Seriously. A BIG TOTAL TURN OFF *imagine me going really slow while I say that*
You get paid. Do your job. Deliver good service. It doesn't have to be the best but as long as it is satisfactory enough that it is required. If you can't do that and hate your job so much, don't do it!!!

Yes I have complained before in my blog about the horrible services from taxi drivers. I really dislike the cab services here. Never improve and I doubt it.

So this time round it is another service altogether. OUR wonderful Pos Malaysia!
Walking into this branch in PBD, a huge poster by the end of the room states how great their services are for their customers. BULLSHIT!

You heard me right. There's so much to improve. First of all, as a user who has performed a couple of postage in Pos Malaysia, it's fine for me to navigate around. BUT what about newbies? You cannot expect people to hunt around asking people around before they head to the post office to perform their postage. Nutcase! Services should serve for people so that they can carry out their tasks at ease.
Oh yeah she did but that was when it was time to close. =.='''


See, let me go through some of the pathetic state I went through and have observed quite some time now. Lately, it has been bugging me and recently my trip to the post office made me cursing like nobody's business.
No sign what-so-ever to categories the forms to be filled up for any postings. Exp: performing a pos laju, you need to fill up the right form. Place them neatly then in each cubicle and at least put a stick-on sign. Everything was so messed up. I see a cleaner around, I don't see her doing her job.


Example: I wish to fill up a form to mail a package. No form at the section where forms are piled. I have to wait (if I'm civilised) just to get a form and later wait again to mail it. Or I have to just go to the counter and interrupt a transaction that is going on just to ask for a form. Slows down your time, slows down my time. slows down the person who is doing the transaction's time!! BAD


They don't have any boards that explain the procedures for the different mail services. So what a newbie has to do? Ask around from friends or family. What if after inquiring, no one knows? Head to the post office, take a number and wait (if there are a lot of people, longer to wait) just to ask how to perform a certain mail service. If any forms or required items needed but they don't have, they have to come back again or fill in the form and take another number to wait. So free is it?

So far I don't see any. If there are any, my bad. But I'm pretty sure no. Unless only certain branches have - which means a bad thing as well. Why only certain branches? Put up at all.

Or for a much more convenient is to have it list out properly at your website. Not detailed enough and all messed up. Ain't user friendly to me.

One states pos laju/stamps/parcels (something like that) which technically would mean that the counter is specially for that. So I went to that counter and no, the lady says pos laju you wait for the other 3 counters??? hello??? Then what is your counter for?
I saw another person went over to her counter and she dismiss the person as well. You lazy or what?

I went to another branch before (forgot where; long time ago) and I found out that for the pos laju/parcel counter - no need for numbers. Weird right. But then when I went to this lady behind that exact counter, she not only said the above, she ask to get a number and wait.

Yes I know 5pm is closing time. That doesn't mean IGNORE ALL NUMBERS and ask us to line up randomly behind any of the 3 counters. Follow formal procedures OK. If you really want to be back at 5pm (I understand you don't wish to work overtime even a few minutes because you're not paid for it). So maybe let the guard or a person in charge guard the entrance at 4 or 4.30 to tell new customers to come the next day. As in you don't take anymore new transactions when it has reached that time so you can just finish up with all the others who are waiting inside already. Still follow number or work faster!!!

Some move like snails. =.=

I mean you're trying to say you're tired. I'm sure you have lunch breaks and all. it's not like you need to walk around. All jobs are tiring anyway. AGAIN, IT IS YOUR JOB AND YOU GET PAID FOR IT! So do your job.

OK enough of complains here already. Get this kinda shit again I think I shall just complain to their department. Write a letter of complain. Hmm... I wonder do they take into consideration and read and actually do something about these?


howshouse said...

we do not desire much from pos malaysia yet they deliver so little. i've written a letter but to no avail (or response). i recently went to collect a registered mail... there is a specific counter for collection, yet it was closed and i had wait in line behind the counter for paying bills which has now been turned into a multipurpose counter. yet behind the empty counters were a man who seemed to be reading the papers, and a lady filing her nails. for goodness sake, if you're going to act lazy, don't do it in front of the customers. it shows a total lack of respect.

the one major improvement within govt offices that is apprent is the passport renewal service which was down to next day collection to same day collection. pat on the back for the guys who made it better... spill on the advice to your pos mates pls

Mariuca said...

Hi sweetie!! I'm so happy to see u on EC, have a great weekend! :):):)

Miss Confession said...

(howshouse) that is even worst!!! Oh god if i were to encounter that on a bad day, definitely would not be able to control myself and would give them a piece of my mind. lol

well, i for one thing also doubt they would take any action even if we write a letter of complain. Probably end up in the dustbin without even being read.

(mariuca) ya im a newbie over there. still trying to get use to it. Thx dear for the extra credits. So sweet of you. Have a great weekend =)

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