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Saturday, August 23

Wed (1 something in the morning) - find myself sitting on the bed, by the window, staring into the darkness, unable to sleep. nose blocked & sore. eyes wet & sore. head like huge stones banging on it.

sometimes we humans wish that we can stop time when happiness is in existence
sometimes we humans wish that our eyes cannot produce tears
sometimes we humans wish we don't have a heart so we won't feel
sometimes we humans wish that emotions don't exist so we won't get hurt & feel the hurt
sometimes we humans wish only happy nursery rhymes are songs that we listen to in life
sometimes we humans wish that our lips can only curve up for a smile
sometimes we humans wish that we have weak memories to forget what we want to forget
sometimes we humans wish we would wake tomorrow and face a better day
sometimes we humans wish we don't have to wish for all that...


a lil update for the past few days:
  • went back to my grandparents'. realized my grandmother is so much thinner than she used to be. so fragile. and that made me realized how long it has been since i took notice.
  • one of my grandaunt just passed away. i've never seen her except once when i was really small. so i can't put a face when she is mentioned. it felt weird.
  • heard something bad happened to my aunt in Aussie. she's a great person - so why did it happened to her? (if it really did)
  • my sis got a new handphone. :envy: K850i. that girl and her luck
  • oh but luck wasn't at her side when she found out she was selected for NS.
  • i am determined to get my hands on my camera
  • plans for tomorrow out with some friends got cancelled. :sigh: well, there's always another time. there better be! i miss u guys!!
  • college schedule sucks. not that college has started yet. but will be soon. time flies. seriously, i will hate mondays even more than i already do.
  • i feel like baking. i think i'm going crazy. yeah i probably am. havent had proper sleep for a week already. heads banging everyday. it's like a routine already i don't even bother.
  • cousin said i'm thinner and asked if i'm stressed out. am i thinner? i don't think so.
P/S: mtv.com & mtv.ca is being a total bitch. i can't seem to get the 1st epi of season 4 The Hills to load properly. hence, i can't watch it yet. what a drag! been trying a couple of times already. lets just hope tomorrow it will work out...

night ya'll

i bitch, i confess, i breathe...


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