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Friday, August 1

There are a couple of random notes i want to "scribble" here because... well, do i actually need a reason to scribble in my blog?
  • i've made up my mind about the previous post. yes i have. many would pretty much go: "Oh dear, why?" or probably think that i'm so ridiculously stupid that i don't deserve to even make the decision. what i can say is that i know "me" the most and i think it is the right decision to decline
  • if emotions could be striped naked from me, i would deff do that and bottle them up tightly in a metal box where even if the world comes to an end, the box will never open up. that way, the term emotional wreck would not exist!
  • my current fav word is NAFF! naff this naff that naff everywhere...
  • i have what some would say a weird habit: i like my rambutans & grapes to be frozen before i consume em'. it's just the way i take em'. ohhh... and i don't eat durian. sue me
  • dreams. do they mean something? what if i dreamt of myself running last night. running & running till i can't stop, climbing up staircase while i bleed everywhere. climbing to the top so i could jump down? and then all of a sudden; midway climbing i drop down on the steps - caught by a person who became my strength so i could stand up through all the pain and bleeding. interpret that.
  • a good thing about staying at home is that money is saved!
  • dancing & music has never been so therapeutic till recently. music is soul =)
  • i have a vision that with the rate of the way the world is "heating" up right now, i think it is possible that someday, the time will come when men would walk around shirtless, probably only in their bermudas & women would be clad in bikinis where ever they are heading to... but i'm afraid that some would be a sight for sore eyes...
  • who agrees to the winner of So Do You Think You Can Dance Malaysia Season 2? my verdict is: i don't care who wins actually.
  • i hate Fridays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • is it me or is everyone going through a shitty Streamyx??? NAFF!!!!!!!!
  • i'm heading to the Bijou Bazaar tomorrow! WOOT! u wanna join?
  • it bugs me that national tv wishes to air international movies but always cut the scenes where the characters kiss. OMG!!! u gotta be kidding me. pffft.
  • it still amazes me and leaves me questioning how 2 people can live with each other everyday "till death do they part" and still love each other as much as when they first laid eyes on each other. amazing ain't it. is there such a thing? we're all humans afterall...


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