the little girl who dreads past nights

Tuesday, June 16

I'm having difficulty sleeping tonight. AGAIN!

What is it with me? Am I damned to have sleepless nights this year?

And I hate it when this happens. You know why?

Let me tell you a story of a little girl.

"Many years back there was a little girl has a heart as fragile as a chicken's. There was a period of time where she dreads going to bed at night because of the series of repeated or continuous nightmares she had to endure night after night. Sometimes as hazy as a tiny rainbow in the sky yet sometimes as vivid as the bright full moon.

And then there was a time when she fell sick and even the Doctor couldn't find a cure. Those dreadful long nights - they eventually dissappear but visions and memories remain"

That little girl was me.

So now you know why I hate sleepless nights...
Because those silent, lonely moments trigger my thoughts and those memories resurface.

Being me, I hate taking sleeping pills so I don't rely on them. Hence, the blogging of this post. Lately, I've had numerous encounters of either really annoying, disturbing, dreadful and/or bewildered moments. I know every once in a while, everyone has their own pet peeves but when it goes beyond that, I really have nothing to say.

It's bad enough that I have to endure crazy sleepless nights, I don't need to deal with:

1) People who are rude to old folks

2) People who don't respect women

3) People who inconsiderately smoke right in my face while I'm busy having my breakfast/lunch/tea/dinner/supper, etc

4) People who accidentally knock into me/step on my foot/hit me/shove me but don't have the common sense to say sorry.

5) People who cut queues (esp the ones I'm in)

6) People who shove others to get on the bus/train (esp the train)

7) People who deliberately speak to me in Chinese just because they think I'm Chinese (doesn't matter if I'm actually Chinese) and stare at me like a have 3 eyes when I say I can't speak Chinese. Screw u!

8) People who keep going on about me being a Chinese and can't speak Chinese and that I should know how to speak Chinese. It's like you're saying to a blind that he/she has eyes and that he/she should be able to see. Screw u!

9) People who don't give a damn if a guy curse but it it's a girl, it's "O-M-G how can u curse??"

10) People who shake their legs in the cinema, hall or auditorium (esp when those people sit behind me). I really, truly am not looking for a vibrating massage chair, TQ.

11) People who don't know me & and I don't know them, and they start adding me in Facebook or Myspace or on MSN.

12) People who have bad BO but don't use deodorant.

13) People who day dream at the traffic light.

14) People who ...

I don't feel like going on because I think it's time for me to go to sleep now. *YAWN*


Mat`amiT said...

hmmm...u dont like strangers adding u in fb, myspace bout commenting in ur blog??? :D

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

So...what seems to be keeping you up at night? There are times when I'm the same way too. I toss and turn at night trying to get some sleep. I close my eyes tightly, I feel tired, but my mind is wide awake...I'm bad when I lack's the major case of BITCHFEST for me when I lack sleep. lols

Moonjava said...

I hate sleepless nights too!

I have an award for you at my blog! :)

the girl in stiletto said...

i freaking dislike those people too!

Miss Confession said...

(Mat`amiT) hehehe... that is fine =)

(ChinkyGirlMel) exactly! i'm tired and my eyes are tired but my mind is still wide awake.. so i cant fall asleep. it's so frustrating.

(Moonjava) another award??? wow. thanks =)

(the girl in stiletto) ohhh great we have stg alike

Mad Maureen said...

Yeah, i experienced sleepless nights (which were cause by nightmare) , ironically it only happens when i am sleeping at my own home.. hmm.. i think i wanna add something to the list cause i dislike all the people u dislike too..

14) people who talk bad things about me in front of me in a language they think i don't know..

Miss Confession said...

(Mad Maureen)
ohh isit becoz u used to have nightmares when u were younger, in the same house, so being back home triggers the past??? might be so.

ohhh nice one on the number 14. agree agree

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