The Last Kiss

Saturday, June 20

You don't know how
You don't know when
You don't know why

But you find the both of you falling from a tree
Landing hard on the dry hard ground
You both look at each other - questioning
And got the same answer - yes it hurts
But you both never expected so much pain could come from falling from a tree
Like every part of you is aching
Every bone - brittle and breaking down
Every muscle - tearing
Every skin - shredding

There's so much to say; so much to do
But every word feels so heavy - and so you both don't even want to try
Afraid that saying anything at all will tear your jaws apart

So you let the moment be that way
The both of you lying down on the dry hard ground - unmoved
Everything and everywhere starts to swell up
Every joint starts to strain - like you're being rip apart
Every ache, every pinch, every prick - gets worst
And yet words just pass through as thoughts
Neither the both of you mention a word, made a gesture, move a muscle...

Tree leaves start falling down like snow
Looking into each others' eyes - you both know it's time
Or is it?

And just as you both start to grab each other in the arms despite all odds,
A strong force pulls the both of you apart
And as you both brutally crawl towards each other,
Tears start to feel like broken glasses gliding down your cheeks
The last excruciating pain but it's too late

The final moment where you both almost touch each other,
There it was a painful sound
Bones break
Muscles tear
Skin shred
And as you open your eye, you both find the other is gone
And you remember the last kiss you had, the last embrace, the final touch...
Yes the last kiss and it's no longer there

Till you reach the day you lose "the other", you will never fully grasp that pain.
Don't take things for granted because then when you reach that day, it's too late to regret it all...

*to everyone I care & love*


Daniel said...

Nice poem ...i like itt!!!

Ailurophile said...

Beautiful words, and what a pretty blog. Lovely template :)

Miss Confession said...

Thanks =)

But I won't say it's a poem though.

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