Things To Do Before i Die - Revisited

Thursday, June 25

For those of you who have read and followed this blog since I was just a newbie might have read this particular post before - titled - Things To Do Before I Die...

If you've not, here goes: CLICK HERE (click lar!!!! don't be so lazy alright... I purposely link this post here... )

Actually I don't really care if you click the link or not... no wait! I do care! So just click it. Won't die. (damn am I annoying this way but please pardon me. I just had a childish moment today at the park. It's still lingering deep down)

Ok moving on. The purpose of me linking that post is because this post is going to be...

Plus I just realized something. I know we won't know when we'll die and we might die young. Just don't think too far from where we are right now and let's just focus being positive - which is that we will die when we're old and wrinkly and not anytime soon.

Now from that list (see I told you to click and read the link because now you'll be so lost), I've came across a couple of things that I doubt I will ever overcome the fear and do it. Even as I say this - it proves! Because I don't even have the confidence to thing the other way round. Pfftt.

Ok so anyway, what are the things on that list I was referring to???

  • ~Get the tattoo that I've always wanted @ my ankle
  • ~Ride a big rollercoaster that rates at least 3 on a 1-5 scale (LOL i'm a coward this way)
  • ~Learn to float & swim (yeah I can't you can stop laughing at me already)

Yes yes... say whatever you want to say. I know I'm a whim. I've never actually rode on an actual rollercoaster...ever. Well not yet. But I think I will never. If you (anyone of you) is able to make me do it, you're damn great!

And then I also came to realized that I left a few things from the list as well. (if you can't stand lists, just layan me for a while lar... I've been diagnosed with some random disease... I need attention =P)

Here goes:
  • ~ To learn photography (don't know how to explain this but there's just a simple kind of wonder when I capture beautiful moments & I love photos that don't make sense at all)
  • ~ To start the first chapter of a book... even if i don't finish it... all that matters is to actually start on it
  • ~ To publish an article
  • ~ To host a bazaar
  • ~ To learn to watch a game without falling asleep or wanting to fall asleep
  • ~ To buy something I really want with my own hard earn money
  • ~ To go to Disneyland
  • ~ To take a photo with a snake (oh boy where did this come from??)
  • ~ To adopt a child
  • ~ To invest in a restaurant

And the list shall stop here... reason why? Because I just feel so random today... must be those childish moments in the park this evening.


Novelista Barista said...

i want to learn photography too!

the girl in stiletto said...

sorry i laughed. :P how about the one in genting highlands? it's not that bad you know. or solero shot. THAT'S WICKED.

Kym said...

its good to have lists! it really give you something to aim for! :) and dont worry about the 'learn to float & swim'...for 18 years i couldn't whistle.. haha!

Miss Confession said...

(The Novelista Barista) ohhh someone who shares the same passion! but why do pro cameras have to be so costly =(

(the girl in stiletto)
=( hahaha... ohhhhh nooooooooooo... i don't think i can just go on them...

i think so too! ohhh i can't too. well partially. at times i can but at times i cant. but at the same time, quite a number of ppl cant lol

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I wanna capture the most beautiful moments too. I bring my camera everywhere with me. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to use photoshop.

Nashe^ said...

You wanna adopt? That's pretty cool :)

Having a bucket list makes us feel like there's more to live for, doesn't it?

Missy E said...

ohhh Photoshop is easy once you get the hang of it =)
Use the tutorials available with the software once you get started and get various helps or tuts from google.

Thanks. I've always wanted to. Of coz gotta find a significant other that shares the same value ;-)

Yes it does actually. haha

Eric Lee said...

There are a lot of photography tutorials on net as well, a second hand DSLR should be enough for a beginner to play around with...Anyway, this is a total unrelated do you get this blog template? >.< haha

Miss Confession said...

(Eic) I googled on free blogger templates and randomly found this.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

hmmm I see the last one on your list is to invest in a restaurant. I want to do that someday too. What kind of restaurant are you interested in putting up? =)

smartchic said...

hi! great blog you have here!

i also want to learn photography, for most of my friends are into this hobby already.

Miss Confession said...

hmm... that - i'm not too sure yet. but it has to be stg special and different and it must be stg that makes ppl feel like home.

thanks. that's nice. a lot of ppl are learning right now and a lot of ppl want to learn. haha

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