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Friday, July 17

Small talk: Blogger's image upload tool is being a complete biatch to me. I can't seem to upload any images! Being a visual person, I find this very irritating =(

On a shinier note, I am ecstatic! I got the job!!!! Well, it's just a temporary job while I'm on my 7 weeks semester break  but, heck, I got it. This means there's something for me to do. This means that I get paid. Oh I can go to sleep joyful tonight. (funny, not like I go to bed sulky the past nights but you get my point) I'll be starting next Monday and the best part is the office is just near my college =D
Although since last Thursday, I've not been complaining much of the sudden bucket full of free time I've had since my last paper ended, it would be really great to work and not to mention I need to cash. (not for shopping OK, I know what you guys are thinking) Actually it has been pretty far from it (complaining I mean). I've been indulging myself with lots of stuff I've not been able to make time for when I was way back being busy with assignments and exams. I even have time to do silly small things just because I have so much time to spare. 
Like checking out my blog's analytics the other day and this is what I found out:
My recent traffics were due to this post: How to be a Good Wife!!! 
For some reason, people are actually searching this phrase. Hmm... I find it a little interesting that there are a bunch of people searching this and I wonder - for research perhaps? mere fun of reading? Or someone's been a horribel wife and have decided to depend on guides like this perhaps? One word - INTERESTING. 
The last time I got something like this was when I blogged about CLEO's Eligible Bachelors and the trip I had to the doctor that resulted in my consumption of honey which - fyi - helps boost sex life (a fact I came across when I was googling about the goodness of honey). 
It really is interesting how one can have a slight knowledge of what others are looking up in Google / internet by random blogging and vice versa. (I should make a test out of this and start thinking of something else to blog about since I have so much spare time)
Right. There we are. LMC is signing off now coz she wants to head over to her fashion blog and update there.


Kym said...

YAHHHH! congrats on getting the job!!! :)

Lil Miss Confession said...

(Kym) thanks!!! and can you believe it, it is my first ever job (albeit temporary and all). i'm excited =)

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